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2 Years

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CEO / Founder of VeriDoc Global
SevenBits is a great company to work with, they follow directions very well and proactively add own opinion into tasks which is very helpful. The quality of work provided for us was of a very high standard.  Always available online to talk to and the different time zones didn't seem to make the job harder at all. Team met all deadlines before completion date and always communicated with us at all times to let us know on his progress. I will always recommend SevenBits.

CEO / Founder of VeriDoc Global

It was easy to work with Seven Bits, The team is very professional, quick to respond and understood what we needed. They built custom plugins for our NopCommerce site that were spot on and made minor adjustment along the way with out any difficulties. We are working with them on our next project, they do great work and make communication easy.
Susan Erickson

90 Degree Office Furniture

I have worked with Seven Bits Technologies for 10 years on a wide variety of projects. Their work is top notch and is delivered on time and on budget. They have put together a great team that is a pleasure to work with. Communication is key in our industry, and the team is always available to discuss any project needs or issues that may arise. I highly recommend Seven Bits for all your web development needs.
Barry Roos

President RooSites Web Development, LLC

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