About the company

VeriDoc Global is a multinational modern tech company that provides secure and anti-fraud document verification solutions. VeriDoc Global uses blockchain and smart contracts technology stack that helps in maintaining the authenticity of documents shared among two parties. This tech giant provides fast and cost-optimized document verification services in multiple domains using patented digital security and QR code technologies.

What Was The Company’s Vision Behind Creating This Product?

The company wanted to build a comprehensive platform for providing a blockchain and smart contract-based security to documents, product brochures, official documents, and contracts to maintain its integrity. They needed a blockchain-based solution to enable high-level encryption with ease of sharing. Their main vision behind this project was to provide a transparent platform that can validate the authenticity of documents to prevent forgery. 

The Main Challenged Involved In Building This Solution

The first prominent challenge in this project was to cover a wide range of multi-type documents and files for encryption. As the company serves in more than eight industrial domains, every document has its own properties. A common encryption architecture was needed that can facilitate quick sharing, storing, and validating documents in real-time.

Another challenge was an accurate image processing algorithm that would scan any given document with precision and calculate its hash value. They wanted a simple QR-Scan based method in the front-end so that everyone can use this tool on the go.

Along with scanning, they also needed a full-fledged editor in which a user can write or upload text and save it as a blockchain-enabled document.

The company wanted the entire architecture of this platform on Ethereum with an easy-to-use front end integration with Android and iOS applications.

Solution We Provided To VeriDoc Global

We focused on creating a multi-step verification and validation process that will make the entire operation fast and secure. Creating a multi-step process helped us in validating the proof of its existence using a one-way hash code architecture.

API Development:

API development included three major parts— scanning, encryption, and validation. Once the user will scan the document or write text in the editor, it’s cryptic copy will be stored in distributed ledger over the blockchain network. 

For validation of that document, the proof of its existence gets checked and it shows the authenticity of the document to the other party. In the complete process, the document is not stored in its original form that ensures complete privacy to its users. 

Application Development:

As per the client’s requirement, we created applications on Android and iOS that let users seamlessly upload and share documents in a secure manner. 

Impact Of Our Solution For VeriDoc Global

With our solution, now the company is serving more new customers in multiple domains. With an interactive application UI, this advanced solution is now available to all users. Even a college graduate can use it to scan important documents and use it on the go. With our solution, now Veridoc Global is serving both customers and enterprises. 

Awards And Recognition 

VeriDoc Global is among growing innovative companies and they have featured on various prestigious platforms including Forbes, BBC, Bloomberg Television, Fox Business, Entrepreneur, and many more.