About The Company

Zebpay is a market-leading cryptocurrency exchange platform created for providing a seamless crypto exchange facility. Seven Bits got the opportunity to collaborate with the ZebPay Team to create one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange. Offering a secure and quick way of buying and selling bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in a simple way. The company's vision is to serve people of countries that are under hyperinflation and where the fiat value drops daily. 

As of now, Zebpay is serving more than three million people all over the world with it's easy to use web portal and mobile cryptocurrency exchange services. Now, the customers can perform exchange operations right from their smartphones and get real-time updates.

What Were the Company's Core Requirements

The client's goal for this project was to develop a user-friendly, quick, and secure P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform. The motivation behind creating this product was to bridge the gap between a good cryptocurrency exchange experience and the right customers. The client wanted to serve a large set of the audience so they wanted both a web portal and mobile application for their services. 

Along with this, they needed third-party integrations to give more options like quick crypto compare, check performance charts, and future growth of the digital currency. Also, the client requested us for a faster turnaround as he wanted to launch his platform quickly.

Major Challenges Involved In This Project

The first major challenge of this project was to integrate multiple third-party services of crypto trading on a single platform. Single point integration between multiple 3rd party brokers was a major challenge. API management on web portals and the mobile platform for faster and real-time performance was the key demand.

Another major challenge in this project was optimizing the infrastructure cost as multiple cryptocurrencies brokers were involved. An efficient setup of microservices with a robust architecture was needed for faster execution. Implementation of a server-side request forgery(SSRF) protection for multiple crypto data sources was needed for an end-to-end secure cryptocurrency exchange experience.

The third key requirement of the client was an auto-scalable platform that ensures faster and better performance even with heavy user load. The company's requirement was a custom cloud architecture to manage data in a secure way to ensure end-to-end privacy.

Crypto Exchange Solution We Build Together For Future-Driven Transformation

We collaborated with the ZebPay team and understood their vision, goal and approach behind this transforming idea. We tackled the integration challenge by implementing an additional layer over the multiple integration points. This blockchain-based anti-forgery layer helped in validating end-to-end server requests from a single verification point.  By doing this, we were able to execute various third-party integrations at the same time. Along with this, we also managed to fetch and deliver optimized requests to mobile platforms to maintain a faster experience.

For infrastructure optimization, we used and combined multiple SaaS services and AWS pay-per-use facility to achieve a scalable data architecture. Instead of hosting services on a dedicated server, we opted for highly scalable data models. We merged multiple microservices for anti-forgery, data authentication, encrypted logs storage, and user-data encryption. This approach helped us in creating a highly-scalable database architecture with end-to-end privacy. We use smart contracts to ensure the integrity of transactions.

Our third step was to integrate this robust backend with interactive mobile and web interfaces. For mobile, we developed applications on Andriod and iOS platforms. Our team opted for a native approach for ensuring high-performance on both platforms. 

For creating a web portal for full-fledged crypto exchange, we opted Angular for faster front-end and powered it with a robust Java-based backend. It helped in achieving a throughout the stable performance.

Result We Achieved

With a fruitful collaboration between Zebpay and Seven Bits, we created a top of the line crypto exchange platform that has transformed the way how people used to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. This powerful blockchain-based crypto exchange platform has enabled a large set of audience to invest in various cryptocurrencies in an easier way. With high-level and end-to-end security, users can use this application without any limitation. As of now, this platform is serving more than three million customers from all over the globe.