Why Choose Blockchain for Finance?

Blockchain technology streamlines business operations and asset management, providing insights into income and expenses with evidence and traceability. With blockchain, trading and exchange operations become seamless, enabling direct peer-to-peer transactions anytime, anywhere, without intermediaries or geographical limitations.

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Blockchain In Finance: Revolutionizing Financial Operations

Blockchain technology offers immense potential to revolutionize financial operations by introducing transparency, accountability, and efficiency. At Seven Bits Technologies, we specialize in providing blockchain development solutions tailored for the finance sector. Our solutions ensure secure transactions and enhanced transparency, enabling organizations to streamline their banking and operational processes through secured channels.

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Fixed Price

A fixed price model fits perfectly with smaller projects. This model covers a project's fixed scope, requirements, and deadlines. This model helps in completing a project faster on an urgent basis and deploy it quickly. This engagement model works excellently when requirements and scope are clear.

Seven Bits brings the robust implementation of the fixed-price model by deciding project scope, milestones, and deliverables within a pre-defined timeline. We pace up the chance requirement cycle backed with regressive testing for all requirement fulfillment.

Faster project delivery

Pre-defined scope

Low financial risk

Easier Estimations

Time and Material

The time and material engagement model fits well when the scope and requirements are ever-evolving. You only pay money for what is being delivered to you. It's an hourly or weekly working model where the team works with a fixed time frame and resources.

This model is used for 'ad hoc' projects which cover code reviews, design changes, project analysis, and more. We bring you well-defined time and material engagement models to implement your requirements faster at optimized cost.

It's flexible

Iterative requirements


Transparent and collaborative

Dedicated team

The dedicated team model is suited for long-term projects. It lets you leverage the power of an off-shore development team for faster turnaround. It lets you work with a dedicated off-shore team that brings quick project completion with iterative testing.

Seven Bits brings you full-stack dedicated team resources that can work in accordance with your scope. Be it project re-engineering, product development, or support and maintenance, we cover everything for your business. Work with full transparency with our highly skilled teams.

Higher project involvement

Faster work completion

Work transparency

High operational cost

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Blockchain Use Cases in Financial Services

Blockchain presents various opportunities for transforming financial services:

Capital Markets

Keep an eye on entire supply-chain and protocols through real-time secure tracking systems. Enjoy zero-delay product traceability with our solutions.

Payments and Remittance

Accelerate payments, especially international remittance, with peer-to-peer exchange, high security, and low transaction processing fees.

Trade Finance

Streamline trading processes by eliminating third-party functions and paperwork, maintaining real-time document updates, and digitizing transactions.

Banking and Lending

Ensure real-time verification of KYC/AML data and automate syndicate formation and fund disbursement to reduce operational costs.


Automate identity verification and create a trusted repository of identifying information, enhancing security and compliance.


Streamline data verification, claim processing, and payment disbursement while reducing fraud risks and facilitating claims assessment.

Asset Management

Automate fund launch and stakeholder management with digitized assets, enabling wider market access and liquidity.

Risk Management

Automate and accelerate risk management processes, including counterparty risk, fraud risk, and identity theft, with blockchain financial services.

Key Elements of Blockchain Integration in FinTech Industry

Blockchain offers several key features that benefit businesses:

Cryptographic Security

Ensures information immutability and credibility, providing reliable, tamper-proof transaction records.

Distributed Ledger Architecture

Offers transparency and traceability, automating operational processes through smart contracts and minimizing downtime risks.

Network Consensus Mechanism

Provides a single source of truth for issuing financial assets, eliminating double spending and fraud risks.

Benefits of Blockchain Applications in Finance

Blockchain implementation offers several business benefits:


It eliminates single points of failure and reduces the need for data intermediaries, enhancing data security.


Provides a single source of truth for network participants, ensuring mutualized protocols and shared processes.


Facilitates transparent and immutable data management, fostering business collaboration and decision-making.


Supports smart contracts that automate business logic, enhancing trust and transparency.


Ensures data privacy across the software stack, enabling selective data sharing across the network.

High Performance

Processes hundreds of transactions per second, ensuring efficient and scalable financial operations.

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Why Choose Us for Your Blockchain-Based Solution?

Partnering with Seven Bits Technologies offers several advantages:

Proficient Team of Developers

Our experienced developers can tackle even the most complex projects with ease, delivering the desired results.

Modern Infrastructure

We utilize modern tools and technologies to develop solutions that deliver optimal results within a quick timeframe.

Highly Secured Solutions

Our blockchain solutions come with stringent security features to ensure uncompromised security for all transactions.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We provide innovative and cost-effective blockchain solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Quick Launch Time

Our efficient development process ensures a quick launch of your blockchain platform, minimizing delays.

Superior After-Sales Support

We offer comprehensive after-sales support to address any glitches or bugs that may arise post-launch.

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