Maintaining Your Business Resilience & Capability to Face Disruption

When businesses face a sudden disruption, it's critical that the vital business processes keep running seamlessly. Different companies have their own set of priorities, but it boils down to a common thing — can your business run as usual when hit by a sudden disaster.

Seven Bits ensure seamless business continuity using multi-standard solutions to keep everything aligned with your work process. From short staffing to lack of technical support and evaluating management challenges, we have got you covered. 

Our team brings in comprehensive business continuity services that include in-depth assessment, preparing blueprints, maintaining business maturity, and optimizing existing processes.

Enhance Your Business Continuity with Seven Bits


No two sales processes are the same and that what drives us creating the best custom solution for you. With comprehensive brainstorming and research process, we quickly outline the digitization framework to improve sales and its related operations. We follow agile-sprint methodology to execute things faster.


The better sales process is synonymous with a satisfactory user experience. Our strategy is to present complex business services in an easy-to-use seamless UI. We help you redefine the entire sales strategy to unleash the hidden business potential that converts iteratively. Simplicity is what improves the operations.


Our team follows an agile methodology that keeps the process and progresses transparent and clutter-free. Be it a retail sales process optimization or enterprise operations re-architecture, we implement effective growth-driven solutions that speak volumes. Faster implementation for robust growth.


We make the sales operation process straightforward with powerful automation. Drive quality leads to faster operations. Digital transformation in sales helps the chief sales officer and the entire team to work in a symmetric manner. Achieve business goals faster with advanced sales operations management services.

Current State Assessment (CSA)

Our industry-leading CSA practices offer a comprehensive and information-driven assessment of your company's maturity and capability under several circumstances. Our business continuity and disaster recovery services are based on top-notch industry standards. Our CSA practices will offer you in-depth findings for shortcomings, improvement areas, and best implementation practices. 

Our team defines holistic and detailed metrics to access your core business programs' existing maturity and capabilities. Once our assessment is complete, our experts walk you through the best practices and recommendations that your company can follow to transform the core and thrive on success.


Business impact analysis or BIA is a result-driven business practice that predicts the consequences of failure of a business feature on the entire company's ecosystem. In this process, our experts gather essential information needed to produce a compelling recovery strategy. The primary purpose of this exercise is to find out all the potential loss scenarios and propose solutions for them.

Seven Bits identifies all such scenarios and determines the overall qualitative and quantitative impact of the downtown on the entire company. After completing the whole procedure, our team members define the company's Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs).


Threat and risk assessment or TRA is a crucial activity that uncovers all-natural, technological, and man-made threats that can hamper the company's security. In this digital era, cyber threats are increasing with every passing day, and it has become inevitable for companies to have risk assessments in place to perform the needful improvements. Seven Bits offers an in-depth report that uncovers all critical aspects of risk and solutions to mitigate them.

From identifying the technical glitches to suggesting a recovery plan for natural disasters, our experts gauge every aspect of your organization to give accurate solutions. Get ahead of the curve and stay protected from sudden disruption.

Implement BCM Program for Your Company

Business Recovery Plan Development

Several companies fail to handle and recover from disasters despite having a recovery and backup plan. The failure happens because of not auditing the threats with closer attention and adopting a generic approach. However, our experts at Seven Bits offer bespoke-made business recovery plan development that caters to all business touchpoints. From preparing department-specific recovery strategies to testing newly implemented solutions for mitigating risks, we have you covered. 

Robust Recovery Strategies

No two businesses are the same, and nor the recovery strategies are. Our experienced team members define well-tested and result-proven recovery strategies that bring maximum profitability to your business. Our bespoke recovery strategies help you save both time and capital for your organization. We consider your pre-defined security protocols, and improvise them in accordance with the latest trends, requirements, and compliances. Our recovery strategies streamline your business processes by ensuring nothing can hamper the overall productivity. 

Testing Your Custom BCM Strategy

Business Recovery Plan Implementation

Only defining blueprints and implementing strategies is not enough. You need to comprehensively test the defined protocols to check their efficacy. By testing and improvising the business recovery plans ensures top-notch security, and you can be confident about the implementation. Our expert team members are experienced in creating test environments and simulating the threats within the organization. In addition, the Seven Bits team runs in-depth tests to ensure everything is working as expected. 

Mock Disaster Implementation

Creating a mock situation that will push the security boundaries is essential for any organization. It's vital to know how the implemented security protocols and solutions are responding to the given scenario. Our approach here is to launch a mock exercise to audit every module and technological advancement to their best possible levels. Our team creates multiple scenarios to ensure everything is working seamlessly with the highest efficacy. 

BCM Maintenance & Iterative Improvement

BCM is a continuous process that needs improvements, maintenance, and updates as per the current business trends. No business can overlook the importance of keeping their safety programs up and running. For making this process easier and quicker, our experts offer complete maintenance depending on the scheduled date and time. Seven Bits auditing, maintenance, and improvements cycle ensure your organization is secured with the best-in-class BCM planning. 

BCM Methodology

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I have worked with Seven Bits Technologies for 10 years on a wide variety of projects. Their work is top notch and is delivered on time and on budget. They have put together a great team that is a pleasure to work with. Communication is key in our industry, and the team is always available to discuss any project needs or issues that may arise. I highly recommend Seven Bits for all your web development needs.
Barry Roos

President RooSites Web Development, LLC

It was work with, very professional, quick to respond and understood what we needed. They built custom plugins for our NopCommerce site that were spot on and made minor adjustment along the way with out any difficulties. We are working with them on our next project, they do great work and make communication easy.
Susan Erickson

90 Degree Office Furniture

Seven bits is highly professional and easy to work with. The thing we liked about this team is their ability to think out of the box and find alternative ways to get things done. Their team is very responsive and could handle complex tasks. I would recommend them to anyone looking for .net expertise. We will continue to work with them in the future.
Suman Sarkar

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