Our Robust Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development Features

Higher TPS (Transactions per second)

Trading experience improves with a higher TPS rate, and our custom cryptocurrency exchange development offers an unparalleled speed of up to 100K transactions per second.

Persuasive Trading Mechanism

Our powerful bespoke-made trading engines fulfil the buying and selling orders with the least latency rate. In addition, we offer all significant types of limit orders, market orders, and stop orders.

Multi-Currency Wallet Support

Using our multi-currency wallets enable a seamless experience for your customers to easily store, trade, and exchange a broad spectrum of modern cryptocurrencies. 

Omnichannel Security

Get the best multi-layer security integration for your cryptocurrency exchange that offers robust security across all touchpoints. From SSL integration to two-factor authentication, we have got you covered. 

On-demand Liquidity Option

When a buyer cannot find the right seller, it's possible to establish a secure API connection with third-party exchanges to meet the liquidity requirements. 

Fiat Currency Support

Let your customers easily use any fiat currency to buy or trade cryptocurrencies on your exchange. Our scalable exchange architecture can integrate any fiat currency support with cryptos. 

Secure KYC and AML

Our cryptocurrency exchanges support regional KYC and AML protocol integration to ensure the highest functionality adhering to the local guidelines. Keep your platform secure with these two secure layers. 

Lucrative Reward 

We can create an interactive referral and reward program based on your requirement to generate more traction for your platform and onboard customers faster. 

Multilingual Support 

Grow your audience globally with the support of multiple languages on the cryptocurrency exchange platform. Offer a seamless customer experience across various domains with Seven Bits.

Automated Trading

Leverage automated bot trading to present your customers with attractive market opportunities. Offer round-the-clock trading tips and services even when at off-business hours. 

Advanced Charting Tools

Offer an information-driven visual trading experience to your customers with advanced charting tools for the bespoke crypto exchange. Help your customers improve overall trading accuracy using chart tools. 

Crypto Staking

Crypto staking is a helpful feature for individuals who want to park their crypto assets to earn regular interest. Our crypto exchange platform development solution comes with an in-built staking option.

Why Seven Bits For Your Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development?

Seven Bits is an innovative digital transformation company that brings in years of experience in crypto exchange development. Our expert team of blockchain developers understand your business goals and draft an accurate blueprint to get thriving results. We help companies in scaling their business by offering futuristic solutions to offer a cutting-edge customer experience. Get secure, future-focused, and seamless cryptocurrency exchange development services from us. 

Higher Platform Transparency 

Omni-Channel Security Integration

Better Customer Experience

Modern Technology Implementation

Robust KYC and AML Protocols

Top-Notch Data Security and Management 

On-Demand Platform Scalability

Support of Public & Private Blockchain Frameworks

Greater Flexibility to Users

Seamless Third-Party Integrations

Seven Bits’ White Label Crypto Exchange Development Services

Seven Bits is an experienced and performance-focused company that offers disruptive tech solutions to facilitate you with modern technology trends. Get started with our robust cryptocurrency exchange development services to take an edge in the industry. 

Centralized Exchange Development

A centralized exchange is a broker-based modern exchange where individuals take the help of a middleman to trade their cryptocurrencies in a highly trust-based and controlled ecosystem. It is an ideal cryptocurrency exchange development solution for businesses that want to offer a trading platform that aggregates powerful trading engines and third-party brokers. This exchange solution delivers the fastest transaction processing and order matching to improve the overall trading experience. Our Blockchain Center of Excellence (CoE) team is highly experienced in developing a bespoke centralized exchange with seamless UX that lets you stand apart from the rest.

Decentralized Application Development

A decentralized or distributed ledger-based cryptocurrency exchange platform lets your customers trade on your platform without integrating any third-party API. In this end-to-end trading ecosystem, customers get better security and data privacy. Seven Bits offers robust and scalable decentralized application development services to help you scale the business to a greater extent. We leverage modern advancements like smart contracts and blockchain-based databases to offer you a secured decentralized platform. Let the customers trade at their convenience on your platform, and you can grow business profitability in a hassle-free manner.

Token Creation

Tokenization is a complex implementation that makes your platform more consumer-focused. With an advanced tokenization process, you can let customers tokenize their assets and trade them safely. With a bespoke token creation facility, your customers can easily exchange their tokenized assets on your and other third-party platforms. Our team utilizes efficient and popular frameworks like Ethereum, IBM Blockchain, Ripple, and more.

Security Token Offering Development

We develop a full-fledged and personalized Security Token Offering (STO) to help you raise more capital to grow your business and get more customers. Our team adheres to all critical geo-based compliances to ensure the best experience of an STO. We have a multi-stack of public and private blockchain frameworks to meet your every business goal. Grow your business with investors using a performance-driven Security Token Offering.

P2P Exchange Development

Peer-to-peer exchange is a secure medium for traders, investors, and brokers to connect on a common base and have a secure crypto trading experience. Using our P2P exchange, individuals can directly connect with their respective brokers and trade with more transparency. Our P2P crypto exchange platform ensures multi-layer security, including KYC and AML, along with different layers of encryption integrations. Using a custom-made P2P exchange, you can ensure higher confidentiality among all associated parties.

Bitcoin Exchange Platform

Cryptocurrencies are booming, and especially bitcoin is creating a revolution across different industries. We can develop a dedicated bitcoin exchange platform where your customers can join, trade, buy, sell, or stake bitcoins in the safest manner. We bring in a comprehensive stack of technologies to meet your every requirement for a bitcoin exchange platform. Take advantage of the bitcoin surge and grow your customer base with a personalized BTC exchange platform. We focus on delivering an enhanced experience to your customers that will help you stand out from the crowd. 

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Cryptocurrency wallets are the future as more people have started using them. Our cryptocurrency wallet development services cover all basic functionalities that make you up and running to gather more customers. Let your users securely send, receive, and store their cryptocurrencies anytime they need. We offer both mobile-based and web-based cryptocurrency wallet development services to meet your requirements. Our expert blockchain developers understand your every requirement and offer the best solution to get started with crypto wallet development.

Open Source Crypto Exchange Development

An open-source crypto exchange is ideal when you plan to scale it significantly across multiple domains. Using open-source technologies like AngularJS, Node, it becomes much easier to perform improvisations in the future without complex dependencies. Our developers are proficient in developing open-source crypto exchange solutions for your business. Grow your customer base in a shorter turnaround time with utmost security and user data privacy.

Mobile-Based Crypto Exchange Services

Along with full-functional web-based cryptocurrency exchanges, we are also experienced in developing mobile cryptocurrency exchanges. With the growing mobile user base, it's essential to take your services onto customers' smartphones and other devices. We are proficient in developing both Android and iOS-based mobile applications for a seamless crypto exchange experience. Offer higher flexibility to your users with a mobile-based cryptocurrency exchange.

Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Cycle

Seven Bits Crypto Exchange Development Process

Requirements Gathering 

The first step towards developing a cryptocurrency exchange development is gathering comprehensive details from the client. It's essential to know business goals, vision with the new project, and how it can grow their business. All this information helps us create a more precise and better initial blueprint for further briefing.



It's essential to have a multifaceted use-case brainstorming session to define the project type, goals, and functionalities. Our senior project managers and business developers brainstorm requirements with you so that the complete project is discussed comprehensively along with its future scalability scope. 

Technology Selection

Once the team gathers the project details and requirements, our experienced developers pick the right technology stack to ensure top-notch performance. Finally, we select those performance-driven technologies that make your business expansion much easier in the future. 


UI/UX Designing

Creating a seamless UI is crucial for an excellent customer experience, and our skilled designers take care of every minor detail to ensure the best usability. Our team deploys the most innovative and impressive interface to make you stand out from the rest. In addition, we follow an iterative design methodology to ensure the design experience remains intact during multiple development phases. 

Product Development

We follow agile methodology to pursue the development process for your product to ensure the highest efficiency. Having robust backend functionality is essential for better customer retention, and we provide you with performance-focused product development. In addition, we keep future scalability in mind to bring you more power to grow your business. 


Robust Support & Maintenance

Our team offers your round-the-clock technical support and future maintenance to ensure your product keeps running in a hassle-free manner. We are committed to providing you with unparalleled support that keeps you growing your business. 

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I have worked with Seven Bits Technologies for 10 years on a wide variety of projects. Their work is top notch and is delivered on time and on budget. They have put together a great team that is a pleasure to work with. Communication is key in our industry, and the team is always available to discuss any project needs or issues that may arise. I highly recommend Seven Bits for all your web development needs.
Barry Roos

President RooSites Web Development, LLC

It was work with, very professional, quick to respond and understood what we needed. They built custom plugins for our NopCommerce site that were spot on and made minor adjustment along the way with out any difficulties. We are working with them on our next project, they do great work and make communication easy.
Susan Erickson

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Seven bits is highly professional and easy to work with. The thing we liked about this team is their ability to think out of the box and find alternative ways to get things done. Their team is very responsive and could handle complex tasks. I would recommend them to anyone looking for .net expertise. We will continue to work with them in the future.
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