Seven Bits Technologies undertook a comprehensive development of a Private Blockchain, focusing on establishing a secure and efficient system for managing and verifying hashed patient data. The project involved setting up a development version of the Proof of Authority (POA) blockchain, creating APIs for authentication and data management, integrating a smart contract, setting up a blockchain explorer, and ensuring robust documentation and deployment.

Problem Statement:

The client faced challenges in securely managing patient data, requiring a tamper-proof system to store and verify hashed information. The need for a private blockchain solution arose to address authentication, data storage, and retrieval issues in a healthcare setting.

Solutions Suggested:

Private Blockchain Setup:

Installed and Configured Geth:

  • Implemented the stable version of Go Ethereum (Geth) for both Peer1 and Peer2 environments.
  • Configured settings to ensure optimal performance and compatibility within the Proof of Authority (POA) network.

Genesis File Creation and Node Initialization:

  • Crafted a Genesis file, acting as the foundational blueprint for the private blockchain.
  • Initialized nodes tailored for the POA network, establishing a secure and synchronized network environment.

Smart Contract Development:

  • Developed a sophisticated smart contract capable of securely storing and managing hashed patient data.
  • Enabled functions within the smart contract to facilitate the seamless storage and verification of patient information on the blockchain.

Node.js API Gateway:

JWT Authorization Implementation:

  • Integrated the JWT (JSON Web Token) Authorization mechanism to fortify the authentication process, ensuring secure and verifiable access.

Authentication and User Login Endpoints:

  • Established robust endpoints for user authentication, validating credentials, and generating JWT tokens upon successful authentication.
  • Implemented user login endpoints, seamlessly exchanging credentials for tokens, ensuring a secure and user-friendly experience.

Blockchain Interaction with web3.js:

  • Integrated web3.js, a powerful JavaScript library, to enable the API gateway to interact seamlessly with the underlying smart contract on the blockchain.
  • Ensured thorough testing of each API endpoint using industry-standard tools such as Postman, validating functionality and security.

Blockchain Explorer Setup:

Installation and Configuration:

  • Installed necessary dependencies, ensuring a stable environment for the Blockchain Explorer.
  • Cloned the BlockScout Repository and configured essential environment variables for optimal performance.

Blockchain Data Indexing and UI Enhancement:

  • Initiated the indexing of blockchain data, creating a comprehensive map for users to explore.
  • Updated UI components for an enhanced and user-friendly exploration experience, making blockchain transactions accessible and understandable.


API Documentation:

  • Created detailed documentation for APIs, meticulously covering endpoints, request/response formats, and authentication requirements.
  • Ensured transparency and clarity for developers and stakeholders regarding API usage and functionality.

Smart Contract Documentation and Audit:

  • Documented smart contract functions, parameters, and usage guidelines, providing a comprehensive reference for developers.
  • Conducted a smart contract audit to reinforce security measures, ensuring the robustness of the blockchain-based system.

Deployment and Load Testing:

API Deployment to AWS:

  • Deployed the Node.js API on AWS, ensuring accessibility and availability for users.
  • Enabled a seamless transition from local development environments to a global cloud platform.

Smart Contract Deployment and TPS Testing:

  • Deployed the smart contract to the private blockchain, bringing the system to life.
  • Conducted Blockchain Transactions Per Second (TPS) testing to assess and optimize system performance, ensuring reliability and scalability.


Seven Bits Technologies successfully executed the project, providing the client with a secure private blockchain solution. The integrated system allowed for efficient authentication, secure storage, and retrieval of patient data. The API endpoints functioned as expected, and the blockchain explorer provided a user-friendly interface for monitoring transactions. Thorough documentation facilitated understanding and future development.

  • Proof of Concept Success: Seven Bits Technologies has effectively executed a Proof of Authority (POA) blockchain, showcasing their competence in implementing blockchain solutions.
  • Secure Private Blockchain Solution: The delivered solution ensures a high level of security for the client by employing a private blockchain, safeguarding sensitive information.
  • Efficient Authentication: The integrated system incorporates robust authentication mechanisms, enhancing the overall security of the blockchain solution.
  • Secure Storage and Retrieval of Patient Data: The solution facilitates the secure storage and retrieval of patient data, addressing critical concerns related to data privacy and confidentiality.
  • Functional API Endpoints: The API endpoints within the system performed as expected, providing reliable connections for seamless data exchange and interaction with the blockchain.
  • User-Friendly Blockchain Explorer: The implemented blockchain explorer offers a user-friendly interface, simplifying the monitoring of transactions and enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Thorough Documentation: Seven Bits Technologies has provided comprehensive documentation, ensuring a clear understanding of the implemented solution. This documentation serves as a valuable resource for ongoing support and future development.
  • Foundation for Future Development: The successful deployment lays a solid foundation for future development initiatives, demonstrating the scalability and adaptability of the implemented blockchain solution.


The POC of the Private Blockchain by Seven Bits Technologies showcased a robust solution for the secure management of patient data. The integrated system, including the smart contract, APIs, and blockchain explorer, demonstrated the viability of blockchain technology in healthcare settings. The comprehensive documentation ensures continued understanding and development, positioning the client for future advancements in blockchain-based healthcare solutions. Seven Bits Technologies continues to be at the forefront of innovation in decentralized technologies.

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