About the company

Label M is a London-based hair care product brand managed by London Fashion Week. Label M is an award-winning professional brand that is created under the creativity of Toni Mascolo & Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck. They bring a full range of professional haircare products, consultation, fashion event updates on a single platform. As of now, this popular brand is serving more than 50,000 customers through their beautiful online platform.

What Were the Company's Core Requirements

London Fashion Week was initially managing their product lineup manually. From product launch to marketing and selling, every process was channeled through a manual approach. They needed a full-fledged modern e-commerce store where they can promote their London Fashion Week events and provide a complete buying experience to their customers. 

They needed an e-commerce store for their 300+ product lineup where the products can be marketed with higher customer experience.

Major Challenged Involved In the Project

The first challenge involved in this project was to create a product architecture as the brand had multiple variants of a single product. Scalability was the major requirement as the company keeps innovating better and new products for their artists and customers. 

The second challenge was to create a blazing-fast responsive platform that will uplift customer experience. They wanted an on-demand scalable platform as they were expanding their product range faster, the creation of a cloud-based platform was needed that would bring the highest uptime with zero lag experience.

Solution We Implemented

For creating the website, we opted for the Magento. Our team designed a hierarchical website architecture to manage its scalable product requirement. We developed the e-commerce functionality by leveraging cloud infrastructure for a faster product browsing experience. 

As they supply their products to various global dealers, we created an online directory from where user can locate their local dealers. This implementation saved their additional magazine print cost and provided instant access to all their global customers to buy products locally. 

Results Label M achieved

After launching their e-commerce platform, their sales have grown by more than 120%. As customers now have the luxury of ordering their products right at their doorsteps, they are receiving an overwhelming response. Label M online platform now has more than 50,000 active customers which are generating additional sales round the clock without extra marketing and branding budget.