Full-Stack AI & ML Services

AI-Based Model Deployment

Transform business models or application intelligent flow using our AI and ML-based algorithms. Enable accurate performance testing with:

  • TensorBoard dataflow
  • MLPerf performance testing
  • TensorFlow playground web app

Business Data Optimization

Manage structured and unstructured business data with supervised or semi-supervised machine learning algorithms and frameworks including:

  • Decision tree-based data processing
  • Powerful NLP data organization
  • Data Anomaly Detection

Cognitive Computing

Enhance customer experience by integrating cognitive computing solutions with your business. Grow customer reach by our cognitive offerings:

  • ML-based visual recognition
  • Accurate language translation
  • Predictive speech and text models

AI-Based Sales Analytics

Identify and leverage business opportunities by processing data with data intelligence algorithms. Strengthen your sales team with our:

  • Smart customer use cases
  • A-driven lead nurturing
  • Automated invoicing and management

Conversational UX

Enhance customer experience by implementing a personalized user interface. Understand your customers better and upscale with our:

  • AI-based personalized landing pages
  • Intelligent virtual support
  • Chat-bot oriented sales assistance

Smart Digital Marketing

Leverage deep-learning concepts to create high conversion marketing campaigns that bring enhanced ROI. Promote your services better with:

  • AI-driven sales pages creation
  • Data-driven smart experimentation
  • Self-learning use case models

Our AI And ML Services

Voice-Based AI

We offer intelligent voice-based virtual assistance for your business. From giving accurate answers to user's queries to booking tickets, we can integrate virtual assistance in every business process.

Interactive Chatbots

Uplift customer experience with our conversational voice or text-driven interactive chatbots. Reduce operations costs without losing human-like on the point query answering platforms to build more trust.

AI-based Management

We develop self-learning inventory and supply management systems for streamlining complex human work. We bring powerful forecasting systems that help in handing the supply chains in a better way.

Recommendation Engine

Help your customers choosing the best products for them with our recommendation engines. Boost sales by offering AI-based personalized shopping suggestions and learn about buying patterns in a deeper way.

Third-Party Integrations

Integrate your business support with Google Home or Alexa device to serve your customers 24x7. Our NLP frameworks bring an accurate and quick response system to enhance user experience.

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