Understanding Spot Trading

Spot trading involves the immediate buying and selling of digital assets like cryptocurrencies, forex, stocks, and bonds on the spot market. Unlike futures trading, spot trading occurs in real-time directly between traders without the use of leverage or margin.

Centralized Exchanges for Spot Trading

Centralized exchanges play a crucial role in spot trading by providing regulatory compliance, security, and custody services. At Seven Bits Technologies, we develop centralized exchanges tailored for spot trading, making the trading process smooth and efficient.

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Leveraging the full potential of mobility in enterprise plays a key role in driving success. Our team creates a targetted roadmap for maximizing the reach of your solutions. We start gathering the requirements with brainstorming to list important business factors. Once finalizing functionalities, we suggest the best-in-class technology stack for optimum performance. Experience professional enterprise mobility consulting with our robust working methodologies like:

  • Agile strategy building methodology to cover a broad range of targetted data.
  • We design scalable enterprise mobility architecture for faster integrations and upgradations.
  • Robust data security planning and management to ensure privacy remains intact.
  • Modularized development strategy for smoother resource utilization and management.

Be it Android, iOS, or hybrid enterprise mobile solutions, our team has professional skills in all mobility frameworks. We use modern front-end technologies including React and Angular for lightning-fast responsiveness. Creating custom mobile backend using Firebase, Appcelerator, or Kinvey, we integrate complex business functions seamlessly. Migrate important business solutions into portable mobility and let your people do more things faster with our advance development approach including:

  • Wireframe creation for finalizing a top-notch user interface.
  • Building multiple robust prototypes for initial application experience.
  • Iterative designing and development approach for enhanced customer UI.
  • Full utilization of enterprise mobile app management life cycle for best performance.

Implementing a managed mobility architecture for a business is a complex process. We have made it simple through our personalized MDM (Mobile Device Management) architecture. Manage your resources better with powerful tracking for your mission-critical projects. Experience streamline mobility solutions to let your team do more in less time. Optimize operational costs and resources with our powerful managed mobility offerings:

  • Integrate BYOD (bring your own device) functionality for cost optimization.
  • Reduce on-site downtime with centralized cloud-based data architecture.
  • Real-time inventory management solutions through mobile applications.
  • Multi-layer data encryption integration to transmit data with top-notch security.

Regulate business-sensitive information in a controlled manner with our multi-layer MIM systems. Manage access policies and data sensitivity easily from your mobile. We provide Enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM) integrations to protect your business-to-business data transaction. Our team brings in rigorous compliance to ensure data integrity with secure centralized management. Grow your business confidently with our secure implementations like:

  • Multi-factor authentication and authorization controls.
  • Integrate independent data sharing compliance for your team.
  • Real-time information synchronization with faster file transfer.
  • Centralized remote data wipe functionality to maintain security.

Leverate real-time monitoring and data protection integrations to operate your business without worrying about data privacy. We integrate secure data management policies and communication protocols to maintain mobile app security. We use secure cloud-based data synchronization technology to make sure data remains safe all time. Increase the mobile application life-cycle by eliminating any potential bug in important data. Achieve optimum enterprise mobility performance with our all-around security approaches that include:

  • Safer cloud-based data architecture to keep real-time data untouched.
  • Integrate important data safety compliances like GDPR in a hassle-free way.
  • All-time data availability from anywhere through secure data channels.
  • Timely security checks and maintenance to ensure optimum performance all time.

Our Services Highlights

Tailored Development

We customize centralized exchange platforms based on your specific requirements, incorporating the latest features and functionalities to reach your target audience effectively.


User-Friendly Interface

Our spot trading exchanges boast intuitive user interfaces designed for seamless trading experiences, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

Accurate Data Analysis

Our platforms offer comprehensive data analysis tools, providing insights into pricing, execution, and account management for informed decision-making.


Full Asset Control

Enjoy complete control and maintenance over your assets, with higher tax benefits and secure management facilitated by our spot trading exchanges.

Key Features of Spot Trading Exchange

Order Book

Provides users with real-time visibility into market depth and liquidity by displaying buy and sell orders on the exchange.

Trading Pairs

Enable trading with a variety of cryptocurrency pairs such as BTC/USD, ETH/BTC, etc., to cater to diverse trading preferences and strategies.

Matching Engine Integration

Matching engines deploy different algorithms that crawl the order book to find and settle suitable requested trades. 

Wallet Integration

Integrate secure wallets for users to store and manage their cryptocurrency balances and transaction histories within the exchange platform.

Real-Time Market Data

Access current cryptocurrency trading volumes, prices, and historical data to facilitate informed decision-making for traders.

Charting Tools

Offer advanced charting functionalities including overlays, technical indicators, and drawing tools to enable comprehensive price analysis and strategy formulation.

User Authentication & Security

Implement multiple layers of user authentication, including two-factor authentication (2FA), to bolster platform security and protect user accounts from unauthorized access.

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Benefits of Spot Trading Exchange

Faster Transactions

Execute trades quickly and efficiently in real-time.

Accurate Pricing

 Access correct spot price lists for informed trading decisions.

Secure Transactions

Ensure the safety of your orders and transactions.

Potential for Higher Returns

 Even traders with small investments can generate significant revenues.

Flexible Trading Options

Trade via listed order books or over-the-counter books for added flexibility.

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Why Create a Spot Trading Exchange?

Tap into Growing Market

 Cryptocurrency trading is booming, and spot trading exchanges offer a lucrative opportunity to capitalize on the growing market demand.

Enhanced Liquidity

 By providing a platform for immediate asset exchange, spot trading exchanges contribute to market liquidity, attracting more traders and investors.


Adding spot trading to your exchange portfolio allows you to diversify your offerings, catering to different trading preferences and expanding your user base.

Revenue Generation

 Spot trading exchanges earn revenue through transaction fees, listings, and other value-added services, offering a sustainable revenue stream for your business.

Customer Satisfaction

Offering spot trading capabilities enhances user satisfaction by providing a seamless trading experience with real-time execution and accurate pricing.

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Why Choose Seven Bits Technologies?

With over a decade of experience, Seven Bits Technologies is your trusted partner for spot trading development. Our stellar reputation, demonstrated by 5-star client reviews, speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence. 

Partner with us for:

Top Blockchain Developers

Access the industry's best talent for your project.

Feature-rich Solutions

Benefit from cutting-edge features and add-on functionalities.

Feature-rich Solutions

Benefit from cutting-edge features and add-on functionalities.

Timely Delivery

 Experience faster project completion tailored to your specifications.

24/7 Support

 Enjoy round-the-clock assistance for seamless project execution.

Global Reach

 Receive guidance and support for international projects with ease.

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