Seven Bits Technologies collaborated with a leading decentralized finance (DeFi) startup for the project named "Philip Bot." The primary objective was to enhance the client's trading infrastructure, integrate Uniswap functionality, establish cross-chain capabilities with Avalanche, and optimize their overall DeFi toolchain.

Problem Statement:

The client faced challenges in automating trading processes, lacked cross-chain capabilities, and sought a more efficient DeFi toolchain. Manual intervention in trading activities was leading to delays and inefficiencies, hindering the scalability of their operations.


Configure Ethereum RPC Endpoints:

  • Implemented Block Native client to ensure seamless communication with Ethereum RPC endpoints.

Node Project Toolchain Setup:

  • Established a robust toolchain for Node Project, ensuring a smooth development environment.

Price Checker Project in Node:

  • Created a dedicated Price Checker Project in Node for real-time price tracking.

Web3 Helper for RPC Calls:

  • Developed a Web3 Helper facilitating data fetching through efficient RPC calls.

Uniswap Factory and Exchange Integration:

  • Configured Uniswap Factory to communicate with smart contracts, enabling efficient protocol interactions.
  • Established communication with the Uniswap Exchange ABI for streamlined trading activities.

Creation of Test Pools:

  • Implemented Uniswap and Pangolin test pools for thorough testing and optimization.

Configuration Management:

  • Set up a centralized configuration system to manage essential variables like sell price, delta in percentage, etc.

Automated Trading Script:

  • Developed a script enabling automated trade execution on the Uniswap exchange, enhancing operational efficiency.

Avalanche Bridge Integration:

  • Configured Avalanche Bridge ABI for seamless communication with the Avalanche blockchain.

Cross-Chain Token Migration:

  • Created a migration script for transferring tokens from Ethereum to Avalanche using the configured Bridge contract.


Seven Bits Technologies successfully delivered a comprehensive solution, optimizing the client's DeFi operations under the project name "Philip Bot." The integration of Uniswap functionality, cross-chain capabilities via Avalanche Bridge, and the implementation of automated trading scripts significantly enhanced the client's trading infrastructure.

Key Achievements:

  • Improved trading efficiency through automated scripts, reducing manual intervention.
  • Established cross-chain capabilities, enabling seamless token migration between Ethereum and Avalanche.
  • Enhanced the overall DeFi toolchain, providing a more robust and scalable solution for the client.


This case study underscores Seven Bits Technologies' commitment to driving innovation in the decentralized finance space. The successful implementation of "Philip Bot" addressed the client's immediate challenges and positioned them for future growth and scalability. The collaborative approach, incorporating Web3 technologies, reflects expertise in delivering cutting-edge solutions in the rapidly evolving blockchain landscape.

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