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Blockchain Use Cases For Business

Enable Secure Business Assets Transactions


Upscale business experience with riskless blockchain SDK and API integrations. Ensure a seamless workflow everywhere.


We integrate secure blockchain wallets to support fast and reliable payments with multi-layer cryptic transaction protocols.


Reduce transaction costs in business by leveraging a peer-to-peer secure network that connects you globally.


Our blockchain integration helps businesses track their assets, transactions, and data to avoid future complications.

Quick Traceability For Supply & Management

Automated Tracking

Keep an eye on entire supply-chain and protocols through real-time secure tracking systems. Enjoy zero-delay product traceability with our solutions.

Flexi Audits

Leverage fast and flexible supply chain procurement and selling audit on the go with modular and interconnected blockchain systems.

Process Aggregation

Manage internal and customer processes efficiently with dedicated yet inter-connected management solutions. Aggregate important business assets quickly with us.

Identity Protection

Keep your important transactions, processes, and member's identity protected with secure SHA-256 encryption. Operate business worry-free with Seven Bits.

Secure Crypto Exchange Services

Globalized Access

Expand your business operations with peer-to-peer global crypto-integrated payment systems. Make business easy with Hassle-free and quick tracking of transactions.

24x7 Growth

Unlike traditional banking operations, leverage crypto exchange for limitless assets investment, transaction, and tracking. Grow 24x7 with the latest technology support.

User Anonymity

We implement secure KYC and AML protocols to maintain a high-level business process while adhering to 360° user anonymity.

Custom Crypto Development

We secure your innovative idea using promising blockchain and crypto protocols. Gain an edge over the competition with unique custom development.

Thriving ICO, IEO, STO and TSP Services

Grow With ICO

Launch your impressive initial coin offering product or integrate new services with the existing one to grow your reach globally.

IEO Development

Get best-in-class assistance in building initial exchange offerings solutions. Track real-time progress IEO progress with powerful dashboard support.

STO Contracts

Build a smart security token offering contract to pitch new investors and organizations to generate robust revenue streams for the business.

Boost Sales With TSP

We build an automated token sales platform that offers quick payment processing with secure & smart contract implementation.

Smart Contracts For Businesses

Trace And Authenticate

Trace and authenticate third-party smart contracts by our advanced blockchain solutions. Our team can write secure codes to make the authentication process easier.

Financial Saving

Smart contracts let you save more on the manual operations and also eliminates human error. Automate the process with custom smart contracts.

Contract Autonomy

Eliminate the need for a middleman in contract authentication and maintain autonomy. Operate your business efficiently with our smart contract development.

Accuracy With Speed

Deliver better business services in a speedy manner with smart contracts. Experience sharp accuracy with secure blockchain development support.

Technologies we use


Hyperledger Fabric

IBM Blockchain




R3 Corda




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