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Seven Bits offers custom ICO development services covering everything from design to launch. Turn your Web 3.0 dream into reality with Seven Bits blockchain experts.

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ICO or Initial Coin Offering is a new concept in fundraising for blockchain technology startups. With the help of an ICO, any startup can raise funds by selling digital tokens in exchange for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Seven Bits is one of the leading ICO development companies with a team of experienced blockchain developers who have successfully launched many ICOs. We provide end-to-end ICO development services right from conceptualization to deployment.

Our ICO development services are the perfect solution for your fundraising needs, from design to launch. Being a leading ICO development company, we help your business from design to launch and provide complete support throughout the process. The Seven Bits Blockchain Center of Excellence (CoE) team simplifies and shortens your development journey by offering the latest and advanced blockchain technology solutions. Experience the future-disrupting benefits of our ICO development services and gain an edge in your industry.

What We Cover in Our Comprehensive ICO Development Services

Our Robust ICO Launch Services

Seven Bits offers a wide range of ICO dev and launch services, including:

Whitepaper drafting

We have a team of skilled writers who can draft a well-researched and detailed whitepaper for your ICO project.

Roadmap and strategy

We help you develop a roadmap and strategy for your ICO project to ensure its success.

Token creation

We create ERC20 tokens compatible with the Ethereum blockchain and offer smooth transactions.

Coin development

We develop coins that can be used on various blockchain platforms like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.

Ethereum smart contracts

We develop smart contracts compatible with the Ethereum blockchain and help you launch your ICO successfully.

Blockchain integration

We help you integrate blockchain technology into your business to make it more efficient and secure.

Your Future-Proof Roadmap to Capitalize on the
ICO Development

For many businesses, capitalizing on ICO development can be challenging. However, Seven Bits makes the complete process easier for you as we help companies with robust strategic planning, which includes:

Ideation and Validation

Our team can help you validate your idea and ensure that it has the potential to succeed in the market. We also advise the best practices to follow during the ideation and validation process.

White Paper/ Light Paper Creation

We help you develop an impressive white paper or light paper for your ICO. Our team of writers and blockchain experts works together to create an informative and engaging document.

Landing Page Design

We help you create a stunning landing page for your ICO that will grab the attention of investors. Our team of designers creates a landing page that is both visually appealing and functionally exceptional.

Token Development

We help you develop a token that is compatible with the Ethereum blockchain. We also offer advice on the best practices to follow during the token development process.

Pre-ICO Marketing

We help you create a buzz for your ICO before the actual launch. We carry out targeted online and offline marketing campaigns to generate interest in your ICO.

Post ICO Marketing

We help you stay in the news even after your ICO is over. Our marketing team carries out targeted online and offline marketing campaigns to keep the investors interested in your project. We also help you develop a long-term marketing strategy to ensure the success of your ICO.

Wallet Development

We help you develop a secure wallet for your ICO. Our experts make sure that the wallet is compatible with all the major cryptocurrency exchanges. With a blockchain stack of 8+ frameworks, we have the expertise to develop a wallet that meets all your requirements.

Industries Disrupted by ICO

Seven Bits Transforming Expertise in ICO Token Development

Seven Bits is a leading token development company that caters to global clients and deliver transforming results. For ICO token development, we offer the below standards:


1. How can ICO development help my company?

ICO development can help your company in many ways. For example, it can help you raise funds for your project, create a buzz for your ICO, and develop a long-term marketing strategy.

2. How much does it cost to develop an ICO?

The cost of developing an ICO depends on many factors, such as the project's complexity, the number of features required, and the time frame.

3. What are some advantages of ICO development?

Some advantages of ICO development include:
- It can help you raise funds for your project
-It can create a buzz for your ICO
-It can develop a long-term marketing strategy

4. What is a whitepaper?

A white paper is a document that provides information about a project or company. It typically contains information about the team, the problem that the project is trying to solve, the proposed solution, and the token sale.

5. What is light paper?

A light paper is a shorter version of a white paper. It contains all the essential information about a project or company, but it is less detailed than a white paper.

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