Blockchain: Transforming Industries and Empowering Business Growth

Blockchain technology is evolving at a rapid speed. It is disrupting businesses across industries. Be it automotive, healthcare, fintech, customer goods, or logistics — the impact of decentralization is substantial. In 2021, where companies are restricted to work with limited resources and workforce, blockchain acts as a catalyst. 

In today's digital transformation era and quick online adaptation, it has become inevitable for business owners to prepare themselves for the future. The COVID-19 has brought a massive change in the consumers' behavior of interacting with online services and products. To take the lead and drive more revenue, entrepreneurs and even small business owners need to adopt advanced technologies to streamline their businesses. 

Regardless of the organization's size, owners can operate their business more efficiently and in a cost-optimized manner using blockchain. On this note, check out why businesses should adopt decentralized solutions to grow exponentially in 2021.

Blockchain is faster & accurate

In 2021 and beyond, businesses need higher speed to execute their complex processes, and traditional methods are not capable. Be it supply chain management, inventory management, or processes customers' data for gathering information — speed plays a vital role.

As blockchain is a peer-to-peer network and is fully encrypted, it offers faster speed and accuracy in every internal or customer-linked operation. Instead of leveraging the older centralized database, companies can migrate to a cloud-based blockchain database to accelerate their management.

In several processes, blockchain eliminates the need for intermediaries or third-party tools, making management much hassle-free. With the use of smart contracts, many manual tasks become easy to automate with higher accuracy. 

Multi-faceted security

Every internal and external business process needs to be secured and encrypted to keep everyone's day safe and intact. Implementing robust security protocols is tedious and time-consuming with conventional technology implementations. On the other side, blockchain saves a lot of time for owners as it is a top-notch secured technology that is easy to integrate.

By leveraging blockchain-based databases, smart contracts, and NFTs not only improves security but also help in gaining higher customer trust. In this fast-paced digitized ecosystem, having a 360° security helps you scale your organization with higher stability. Not only fintech and insurance industries, but the need for better security solutions is overgrowing in all domains. 

Be it an eCommerce shop, a service company, or a digital product firm, owners need to make sure the data is secure, accessible, and distributed. SevenBits can help companies to transform their legacy systems into a modern advancement. 

Better cost-optimization

In 2021 and even beyond, businesses need to operate efficiently at lower resources and finances. Blockchain technology helps organizations operating in a cost-efficient manner with improved security. Be it automating bulk manual operations or scaling the business in different locations, the convenience with blockchain is superior. 

With the evolution of NFT (Non-fungible tokens), the entire concept of storing, identifying, and processing original information has become seamless. The NFT technology can help company owners in multiple ways to boost their business' authenticity and trust. As blockchain is an open-source technology, customizing it as per business' bespoke requirements is faster and seamless. 

Business frauds elimination

As a business grows by utilizing digital advancements, the chances of business frauds and finance swindles also increase. With a long partnership chain, complex supply chain connectivity, and growing processes, it becomes complex to detect and prevent frauds. 

However, blockchain is the complete solution to quickly prevent fraudulent activities and detect any unexpected activity in the system. As it enhances transparency in the existing business model, there is no scope for data manipulation or unauthorized monitoring. For keeping business and customers' data safe and intact, blockchain is the primary solution.

Get started with Seven Bits' Blockchain Development Services

Seven Bits is a leading blockchain development company that caters to multiple industries. Be it integrating smart contracts or performing legacy migration, our Blockchain Center of Excellence (CoE) team gets you going. With a strong stack of public and private blockchain frameworks, we are here to make the business more scalable and optimized. 

Our blockchain developers are proficient in new implementations like NFTs, DeFi, smart contracts, integrating open-sources security standards, and much more. Get in touch with us at to know how you can take advantage of blockchain.

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