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Seven Bits is back again with essential blockchain news that matters to you! Today, we look at popular happenings in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

HashBrownSwap Appoints Ian Scarffe as Blockchain and Crypto Advisor

HashBrownSwap, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX), has announced the appointment of Ian Scarffe as its Blockchain and Crypto Advisor. Ian is a well-known figure in the blockchain industry and has advised numerous startups and projects. He will be advising HashBrownSwap on strategic partnerships, marketing, and business development.

Ian said, "I am excited to be joining HashBrownSwap as an advisor. The project has a great team and an ambitious vision. I look forward to helping them grow and achieve their goals."

HashBrownSwap CEO also commented on the appointment, saying, "We are thrilled to have Ian on board as an advisor. His experience and knowledge will be invaluable to us as we continue to grow and develop our platform." This is definitely an excellent appointment for HashBrownSwap. With Ian's experience and expertise, the company will surely be able to reach new heights.

Tron Founder Justin Sun Champions for Blockchain Tech in WTO Event

Tron founder Justin Sun has been a long-time advocate for blockchain technology. Recently, he spoke at the World Trade Organization (WTO) event and discussed the potential of blockchain in international trade. He said that blockchain can help reduce trade barriers and friction and that it has the potential to "reshape global trade."

He also added that blockchain could help reduce corruption and facilitate cross-border trade. Justin's participation in the WTO event is a positive step toward blockchain adoption. His insights on the potential of blockchain technology will surely help increase awareness and understanding of the technology.

Justin Sun is known for his efforts in promoting blockchain technology. He has also been working on increasing the adoption of Tron's blockchain platform. With his latest participation in the WTO event, it is evident that he is committed to helping blockchain reach its full potential.

The 10th Global Blockchain Congress officially takes place in Vietnam, Hanoi

The 10th Global Blockchain Congress (GBC) will take place in Hanoi, Vietnam, on July 11th & 12th, 2022. The event will feature a variety of speakers from around the world who will share their insights on the latest trends and developments in blockchain technology.

This year's GBC will be focusing on Blockchain: Enabling a Smarter Society. The event will be an opportunity for blockchain enthusiasts to learn from some of the top experts in the field. With the increasing popularity of blockchain technology, the GBC is definitely a must-attend event for anyone interested in space.

With this event, Vietnam will become a hub for blockchain activity in Southeast Asia. This is a great opportunity for the country to showcase its potential as a leader in the blockchain industry.

Bitcoin price crashes below $20,000, cryptocurrency market struggles

The Bitcoin price crash below $20,000 has recently been a hot topic in the cryptocurrency community. Many are wondering what will happen next as the market continues to struggle. However, some believe this is simply a correction and that the market will recover soon. Bitcoin's price was up slightly by 0.37 cents, but it was only a matter of time until it crashed again.

Moreover, Ethereum was down by 0.51 percent at $1,054.50, and XRP was down by 1.37 percent at $0.262 at press time. However, many companies consider tips dip an opportunity to buy more cryptocurrency. The market is still struggling, but it is essential to stay updated with the latest happenings.

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