Blockchain: Transforming Industries and Empowering Business Growth

Security is the topmost priority of companies doing business online. Regardless of the company size, business owners seek the most cutting-edge ways to secure their ecosystem. Be it automotive, construction, manufacturing, or supply chain, company owners are more aware of external cyber threats than before. 

To streamline the security process and enable companies to offer a great customer experience, blockchain is the latest advancement. This decentralized technology can provide security solutions to make businesses a step closer to the upcoming digital transformation. 

When it comes to improving business security, there are several aspects that companies need to keep in mind. Be it keeping the internal processes intact to enhance the customer experience; business owners need to think in an omnichannel way to improve security. For making the process easier, blockchain technology brings in several applications that take care of every security aspect. 

On this note, let's check out some of the robust security applications that will upgrade the overall security. At SevenBits, we bring in all these solutions to transform your business and let you gain an edge in the competitive market. 

Secure data storage

The most significant benefit of having a blockchain-based solution is secure data storage across multiple touchpoints. As blockchain is a decentralized technology, there is no chance of complete data loss under any external or internal impact. Compared to a centralized system, the data is available at multiple nodes that are secure and immutable. Only the original owner of the data can make changes in the data, and this unique characteristic makes blockchain more trustworthy. 

Our Blockchain Center of Excellence (CoE) team offers a bespoke decentralized data storage solution to keep your business-sensitive data secure and intact. We analyze, draft, and implement custom-made solutions to ensure secure your company and customers' data. 

Automated validation 

Industries including Fintech and insurance need to manage important documents, and as the customer base grows, the management becomes intricate. From customer onboarding documentation to their identity verification to KYC processes, working multiple things at once is time-consuming and resource-intensive. Along with seamless control, there is also a challenge of keeping all the data encrypted and secure. 

For solving these automated validation and security challenges, blockchain offers a robust smart contract solution. Smart contracts are self-validating contracts that eliminate the need for human intervention for the document validation process. With smart contracts, companies can boost their security on both the customer front and backend data management. Our blockchain team offers bespoke smart contract development solutions that help you automate the data processing and keep it secure. 

NFT implementation

Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs are the newest blockchain-based advancement that secures digital assets and keeps them secure forever. NFT technology is a boon for several industries to secure their critical business data and customer documents seamlessly. As these NFT are immutable and can't be exchanged with similar assets, it makes them highly secure, trustworthy, and handy. 

Companies can secure their licensing documents, contracts, and much more using NFT and share them with other parties without worrying about data forgery and manipulation. As every asset has its unique characteristics, it becomes impossible to forge anything. We at SevenBits offer a complete range of NFT development services covering all major NFT standards. Our team can help you secure your bulk data with a shorter turnaround. 

It's the right time to switch to the blockchain

As we move towards digital transformation and Industry 4.0 disruptions, it is inevitable to adopt modern technology to keep data secure, intact, and accessible. With ever-changing customers' behavior where trust is built on the foundation of safety, blockchain plays a winning role. 

Using this decentralized technology improves customer experience along with the company's internal processes. In recent times when companies are working with limited resources and workforce, blockchain can help business owners save operational costs. In 2021 and beyond, we will experience more advancements in this technology that will transform all industries. 

To help you get going with blockchain trends, SevenBits brings in complete blockchain development services. From database migration to smart contracts development, and NFT development, we have you covered. With the support of more than eight public and private blockchain frameworks, we assure you of the value-driven transformation of your business. Get in touch with us at to know more about how you can boost security with our blockchain solutions.

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