E-Commerce: Enhancing Performance and Growth with Seven Bits

Scaling and growing your e-commerce business is a crucial practice for staying relevant in this ever-evolving digital space. As more companies are coming online with a global expansion plan, it's instrumental in picking the right platform and scaling up the functionalities for staying ahead. To make the entire process streamlined, nopCommerce brings a wide range of business-focused robust features to thrive online.

SevenBits is a leading and innovative nopCommerce development company that helps you in drafting & executing the right e-commerce strategy. Right from migrating from your old webshop to integrating additional functionalities in your nopCommerce store, we have got you covered. On this note, let's dive into the business-oriented features of this open-source platform that allows you to grow your operations seamlessly.

Smooth performance 

One significant advantage of leveraging this platform as compared to other CMS is its stable performance even with thousands of products in inventory. For generating higher RoI from online business, the owners need to keep their store optimized for both customers and search crawlers. And the most significant advantage of nopCommerce is that it comes with the support of Elasticsearch, which ensures top-notch performance.

An average user waits for a maximum of 5-6 seconds for the store to load entirely, and if the web page takes more time, the user bounces off. nopCommerce lets store owners manage their products, and inventory is optimized by the platform itself. This ensures faster loading time. 

Unlike any other available platform, nopCommerce comes with a built-in mobile version of the web store, and it's search engine friendly. So, with this robust e-commerce technology, performance will never be a hurdle in your digital success.

Effortless marketing with nopCommerce

Online marketing is a crucial aspect for any Internet-based business, and nopCommerce lets you grow your brand with all the necessary elements. This system comes with lucrative marketing features, including a reward points system, built-in discounts & coupons, newsletter and email marketing functionality, and much more. 

You can create personalized newsletters or product bundles and run a promotional campaign to grow your online shop. Digital shops based on this platform allow you to collect real product feedback from users and showcase the star ratings to your visitors.  

SevenBits can help you launch a digital store with its mobile version so you can jump on your marketing campaign straight away. As nopCommerce supports a variety of engaging elements, including polls, forums, newsletters, and blogs, you can experiment with a lot of promotion versions. With all these integrated features, you are no longer dependent on third-party marketing tools which also maintain your shop's privacy & security.

Growing business with multiple stores

You can manage your multiple stores from a single dashboard with this e-commerce platform. It allows you to host multiple frontend stores on different domain names and manage all admin actions from your single administration dashboard. This functionality will not save your time but also offer better business control. 

Manage all B2B and B2C business operations from one administration panel and run marketing campaigns from a single place. This kind of business scalability can only be found on nopCommerce. If you are into affiliate stores or drop-shipping businesses, this multi-store management feature is crucial in managing more than one inventory. Following are some key aspects you can manage of multiple stores from a single panel:

  • Categories and manufacturers 
  • Shipping methods
  • Order filtering and reports 
  • Tax rules & payments
  • Graphical themes & customizations

Scale-up with Advanced SEO

To optimize the store pages for more traffic and reach, a business owner has complete access to all prominent SEO practices. Right from keyword tags to SEO-optimized URLs and sitemaps, you don't need any third-party tool for on-page SEO. As this platform supports both XML and HTML sitemaps, it helps in better search crawlability. 

When scaling the e-commerce business, seamless navigation is pivotal for an excellent customer experience. This CMS makes listing look more attractive with a well-defined navigation implementation. 

You can also manage other key SEO aspects like URL canonicalization, Google Analytics integration, social media microdata to improve your store's reach. One unique feature that allows you to target local customers is localizable URLs. With this, a store owner can create URLs in regional languages that help in local customer building. 

In-demand shipping features

nopCommerce sports advanced shipping functionalities that frees up a store owner from manually calculating prices and managing shipping operations. Right from automated discounts to coupon codes and free shipping options, the store is loaded with all necessary features. 

One prominent feature that attracts more customers is anonymous shopping. In this, a visitor doesn't need to create an account on the shop to buy products. They just need to select the product and purchase it by paying through cards. With such future-focused features, nopCommerce is the right choice for businesses to grow their operations.  

Regardless of in which country you are running your webshop, this platform lets you integrate with a variety of shipping companies. Be it UPS, USPS, or FedEx, you can make sure you are not missing out on any order from your customers. 

It's the right time to scale up your e-commerce functionalities and reach more customers in less turn around. We at SevenBits bring in complete nopCommerce development services to cater to your every business need. Want to know more about store migration or new webshop development? Get in touch with us at sales@sevenbits.in to know more.