Virtual Developer

The post-COVID world is drastically different, and industries are operating differently. As a result, the trend of working with virtual remote teams is growing, and it's here to stay with us in 2021 and beyond. Whether a business needs to scale its operations or start a new project without hiring in-house resources — virtual developers can ease the challenge. 

Seven Bits has redefined the way businesses work with virtual developers by offering vital services and round-the-clock support. With years of experience and support of modern technology stack, we help your business grow through dedicated virtual developers teams.

Be it cryptocurrency exchange development services, migrating legacy systems using blockchain, or webshop development, we have you covered. On this note, let's check out how Seven Bits' virtual developers help your business grow seamlessly.

Less overhead

The biggest challenge in scaling the business is significant overhead and the need for vital resources. Companies need to follow a rigorous process to hire new individuals and provide in-depth training that takes considerable time. To overcome this challenge, Seven Bits' virtual developers act as extended hands for your company, ready to take on projects at reduced costs. 

Compared to on-shore hiring, working with virtual developers gives you an edge to grow business faster and focus more on the company's overall profitability. In addition, as there is no infrastructure cost involved in the complete process, businesses get a chance to save capital in expanding their offices. 


In this fast-paced digital transformation era, no business can overlook the importance of scalability and growth of the company. Working with blockchain virtual developers or any other technology, you can be sure of higher scalability that brings top-notch productivity to your team. 

Once you focus on business scalability, it becomes much easier to onboard new clients and builds better business credibility. 

At Seven Bits, our professional project managers understand your business and project goals to define a roadmap. Then, with effective brainstorming, we pick the right talent for your business needs and let you scale your business with a shorter turnaround. So whether you are into automotive, wellness, Fintech, or cryptocurrency business, we have got you covered. 

Higher retention rate

The most significant advantage of working with Seven Bits' virtual developers is a higher employee retention rate for your projects. When employees leave projects, it becomes difficult for businesses to maintain the same workflow and speed. To overcome this challenge, Seven Bits ensure a higher retention rate so that you can peacefully manage and complete projects. 

As our developers are experienced and understand business perspectives, it becomes easier for you to manage projects and plan things. In addition, our dedicated project managers ensure intact productivity that leads to a superior retention rate compared to in-house resources. 

Access to technologies

When training in-house developers for new technologies and frameworks, the overall process becomes slow and resource-intensive. On the other hand, when businesses work with virtual developers already working with the latest technologies, project development becomes more optimized. 

Be it blockchain frameworks like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Multichain, or working with the latest mobile development technologies, our teams are proficient in delivering the right solutions. Moreover, when companies get direct access to experts in meeting their business goals, the software lifecycle becomes more efficient. 

Similar timezone 

Businesses often face challenges in communication due to different time zones, but it's not the case with Seven Bits. We offer you similar time zone services that your team can work on without any gap. As businesses grow, communication delay can cause severe problems for retaining higher productivity and scalability. 

Seven Bits focuses on offering uninterrupted support for your projects so that you can meet business requirements much faster and provide better services to your clients. So whether you need full-fledged development or technical support for your clients, we have you covered. 

Why do virtual developers model the future?

Amid the pandemic, businesses have to work with limited resources, and scaling the operations has become significantly expensive. However, with virtual developers, companies can take on new projects without worrying about hiring new professionals. As the virtual developers model is flexible and focused on business growth, it is the future of engagement models. 

Seven Bits is an innovative digital transformation company that is expertise in managing multi-faceted projects seamlessly. With years of experience in multiple technologies and industries, we ensure you excellent project development services with top-notch business flexibility. Get in touch with us at to explore more about our virtual developers' services.