In this digital era, choosing the right platform for launching your e-commerce store plays a significant role in defining your online success. As there are multiple ready to use options available, you need to have a robust platform that not only offers seamless customization but also delivers engaging customer experience.

nopCommerce is an open-source digital retail platform that is based on Microsoft's ASP.NET framework and assures top-notch performance with greater resource and customer management. Sevenbits holds expertise in developing a customer-centric digital store that helps you scale your business faster with on-demand customization.

Why nopCommerce Is Perfect For Your E-Commerce Store?

With the availability of more 50+ payment gateways integration, single-page checkout, multi-store support feature and more, nopCommerce let you customize your store for a large set of audience. With this platform, you don't need to worry about the audience targeting limitation. And, as it's built on ASP.NET's stable platform, you can deliver a top-notch shopping experience to your customers and easily upscale your sales. 

If you are planning to launch multiple stores, nopCommerce comes with a centralized management function, that lets you manage inventories, customers, and orders from one place. You don't need to be dependent on your team to manage your growing business. 

Mobile-First Store For Your Customers

As per research by Digital Commerce 360, around 50% of customers prefer to shop using their smartphones, 41% from desktops, and 9% from tablets. The good thing about nopCommerce is — it comes with the integration with mCommerce which allows you to create a mobile version of your store within a few clicks. As its a highly search engine-friendly platform, you attract more customers organically. 

Another major benefit of launching your nopCommerce-based e-commerce store is intelligent product classification. With its interest-based products results, you can effortlessly cross-sell your products without dedicated planning an additional marketing campaign for it. 

Launch Your E-Commerce Store With Sevenbits

We are an award-winning nopCommerce development company that offers state of the art digital retail solutions. Our team walks you through a comprehensive brainstorming session that helps us in gathering important business insights. We develop a strategic development plan and help you grow in the digital space. 

Sevenbits delivers a customer-centric e-commerce store that gives you centralized control if you are running multiple stores or operating a shop with hundreds of categories. Get in touch with us to know more about nopCommerce and how we can help you in launching a robust customer-centric store.