Automotive: Revolutionizing Automotive Industry: Blockchain Innovations

Automotive is among the most complex industries that always demands innovations for making processes streamlined. After the COVID-19 outbreak, companies are seeking ways to get back on track and revamp their business executions. 

As companies are now forced to work with limited resources due to safety issues and the work remains the same, they need robust automation solutions. Be it managing the transactions, documentation, or operating loads of data in a faster and safer way— COVID-19 has imposed many requirements. 

For bringing automotive companies on track in a faster turnaround, blockchain technology can play a winning role. This robust decentralized technology can help both strengthen security and improve productivity. 

That era has gone when this distributed ledger technology was only associated with cryptocurrencies and anonymous transactions. With the growing demands of business and customers, blockchain can deliver power-packed solutions to streamline the complexities. On this note, let's look at how automotive companies will get smarter leveraging blockchain services.

Smart Contracts:

Business data security and privacy are among the biggest concerns of this digital era regardless of any industry. And, to add an extra layer of protection to your company's sensitive data, blockchain's smart contract comes into action. With smart contracts, creating, sharing, processing, and storing data becomes more manageable, and it happens with minimum human intervention. 

As these smart contracts are shared with all the associated parties, and only the document owner can make the changes, the transparency factor improves. Be it sharing essential data and internal teams, business partners, or securely storing customers' information, smart contracts are the future. As these documents automatically get verified by their algorithms, the changes of information manipulation come down to none. 

SevenBits Blockchain Center of Excellence (CoE) team helps companies develop custom smart contracts to cater to their intricate data operations more efficiently.

Better Supply Chain Management:

The supply chains are highly complex and interdependent in the automotive industry, and blockchain simplifies it. Be it manufacturing, shipping, or suppliers; business owners can have real-time information available to them regarding any process. Be it the shipping status, inventory check, or initiating new procurement consignments, blockchain de-clutters the complicated process. 

The most significant advantage of leveraging this distributed ledger technology is that the decentralized database architecture makes data available to everyone anytime. Anyone from the supply chain can have access to their respective data and check real-time progress. This implementation helps companies save a lot of time from performing the activities manually. 

Secure Insurance Management:

Insurance management is a significant aspect of the automotive industry, and it has several elements that need constant monitoring. Insurance management is among those departments that require a large number of teams and tools to manage the process efficiently. 

Blockchain-based applications can help automotive companies to automate their insurance processes and boost security. Be it insurance renewal documents sharing or managing insurance while ownership transfer, blockchain can help in speeding up the processes. 

SevenBits  team helps companies develop custom smart contracts to cater to their intricate data operations more efficiently.

The surge in blockchain after the outbreak

After the COVID-19 outbreak, blockchain is among those technologies that can act as a business catalyst. To take a leap in the industry, companies need robust automation solutions, and SevenBits is here to get everything covered. Be it migrating your older business processes or integrating a full-fledged smart contract functionality in your business, we have your back. Want to know more about our blockchain development services? Get in touch with us at and explore business opportunities.