Outsourcing should be a strategic partnership rather than a shift of duties between two parties. And, as the customer demands and expectations are experiencing a paradigm shift, it becomes critical to choose the right engagement model while outsourcing. 

Choosing the correct model not only helps in the systematic execution of projects but also aids in resource and cost optimization. As no two projects are the same, the engagement models are also different that helps you in accomplishing perfection with over the top quality. 

Majorly, there are three widely-used engagement models: fixed priced, time, and material and dedicated team, and in this article, we will guide you through each model to help you choose the perfect fit for your project.

Fixed Price Model

When the project's requirements, time estimation, and resources are pre-defined, this model serves the purpose perfectly. A fixed cost model gives more clarity and requires less supervision as there are fewer or none change iteration required. 

Sevenbits takes the burden off from your shoulders by offering full-fledged fixed-price model services. From design to prototyping and development, we take care of every aspect of the project. Fixed price models are best for small projects with a certain set of requirements or— for developing an MVP for your upcoming product.

How Seven Bits can add more value to the Fixed Price Model:

Greater Transparency:

Right from deciding the milestones, to the technology stack and team, we ensure higher transparency so you don't have to do any guesswork. 

Faster Turnaround:

As the project's work scope and requirements are prefixed, we reduce time-to-market for you so that you can get things rolling faster. 

Less Supervision:

When you opt for this model, our team makes sure that you timely get milestone completion updates adhering to top-notch quality and performance. 

All development milestones and stages are defined following the waterfall methodology that ensures a smoother workflow throughout the project lifecycle. 

Time And Material Model

In this model, you pay for the time and resource you use of the outsourcing company. If you have a project that moves around with ever-evolving requirements and the time frame is not prefixed, this engagement model works in an optimized manner. 

This model makes your outsourced project more continuous which is followed by iterative communication, frequently required changes, and module testing. Sevenbits offers an agile-oriented development ecosystem that ensures faster to and fro feedback-driven progress. 

How Seven Bits delivers excellence with Time & Material Model 

Optimized Analysis

Our team brainstorms and drafts a clear scope for your projects so things go in a distraction-free manner. From comprehensive requirement analysis to milestone creation, we simplify the project to speed up the process.


The most prominent benefit of opting for this model is higher flexibility regarding both time and cost. Our team assures a faster turnaround of all dynamic requirements.


As the projects are based on an hourly or weekly basis, you don't pay anything extra. The time and material engagement model is useful as it saves your cost of in-house training and resource establishment. 

For outsourcing projects that are not time and requirement fixed, this model gets you going with top-notch quality and faster completion rate.

Dedicated Team

The dedicated team engagement model fits best when the project is long-running and requirements keep adding to it over time. In this model, your offshore team works parallelly with you and offers faster milestone completion with consistency. 

Sevenbits is a full-service IT and application development outsourcing company that brings a robust dedicated team engagement model to cater to all your business IT requirements. One prominent benefit of this model is long-term business growth. This model helps you scale your business by leveraging domain expertise of the offshore company. 

Why Seven Bits is the best-dedicated team outsourcing company?

Cost Optimized

In the long run, this working model is highly optimized in terms of both time and cost. With Sevenbits, it's a long-term partnership that scales the business in a future-driven way.

Faster Turnaround

You get a much faster turnaround time with a dedicated team works on your projects aligned with your deadlines. 

Trustworthy Relationship

With Sevenbits' robust full service IT outsourcing solutions, establish better relationships in your industry, and serve your customers better. 

Pace up your long-term project with Sevenbits utilizing the dedicated team engagement model. Scale-up your business by empowering your processes with our robust IT services.  

Choose your perfect engagement model that fulfills your project purpose and get started with us. Need to discuss your project and choose the best model for you? We are here to help. Get in touch with us and our team will be happy to discuss your project.