Blockchain: Transforming Industries and Empowering Business Growth

Blockchain technology is rapidly growing among companies regardless of their industries, and Switzerland is among the first countries to adopt this advancement. The Swiss government constantly keeps searching for new ways of streamlining their payment ecosystem, and now the companies have an ample opportunity to leap with blockchain. 

Switzerland’s Federal Department of Finance has launched a consultation process for the blockchain and distributed ledger technology department. This consultation is scheduled for February 2, 2021, and it clearly reflects the nation's active interest in accelerating cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology among local companies. 

The government is drafting these new laws and consultation departments for creating better laws for the industries that are planning to adopt this technology. There are multiple domains, including insurance, corporate, fintech, and more, that will get huge benefits from this move of the authorities. 

Switzerland's government supports the involvement of distributed ledger technology and wallet technologies in local industries to strengthen their economy. This move will act as a catalyst for companies in the future.

As more decentralized technologies will get involved in public and private companies, the trust factor will surge among the citizens. As it's a transparent and end-to-end technology, the consumers are also actively taking part in adopting these modern advancements.

Why It's A Golden Time For Swiss Companies

With ever-evolving customers' demands and a need for a secure and transparent working mechanism, blockchain fits the best. This peer-to-peer technology is highly efficient and cost-optimized for companies and a 'safety net' for the consumers. 

Unlike traditional centralized systems, these distributed systems are highly capable and robust in overall security and performance. As the government promotes and encourages companies to adopt these technologies, this is the right time to take a leap in the market for ensuring better 'digital fitness' of the organization. 

This distributed ledger technology is highly efficient in terms of operational costs and data management. As the middlemen get eliminated from the payment ecosystem, it brings more transparency and trust within the system. 

From manufacturing to healthcare, fintech, or supply chain, this platform is a promising move for making the complex operations streamlined and automated. With the government's constant involvement in accelerating this tech, companies can work on their future scalability and improve customer experience.

Blockchain advancements that help in expansion

Blockchain is not just a single technology; it's a complete ecosystem in itself that offers tremendous business improvement opportunities. We at SevenBits bring in the most advanced blockchain services to cater to your every business requirement. 

Our Center of Excellence (CoE) team analyses and drafts the most effective strategic plan that lets you thrive online. Be it crypto wallet development or migrating legacy systems to new blockchain advancements, we deliver high-efficiency services. Have a look at our cutting-edge services that help you grow your business seamlessly.

Secure business transactions

Blockchain is the future of online payments, and for catering to today's and tomorrow's consumer demand, having a peer-to-peer payment network is instrumental. This distributed payment network gives better control of transactions to individuals, and it also eliminates third-party involvement.  

We at SevenBits help in migrating from the older system to a new cutting-edge ecosystem leveraging blockchain-based APIs and SDKs integrations. Ensure a seamless payment flow across your network, which is highly secure and distributed. As this system reduces the B2B and B2C transaction costs, it becomes easy for business owners to scale their operations.

Data integrity with smart contracts

Smart contracts are an unmissable part of any online business, and it prevents all possible data threats by ensuring the authenticity of the data. Be it an insurance industry or any corporate business, smart contracts are the future for growing your business worldwide. As the entire data validation process is automated and pre-set, it also eliminates human resources' involvement. 

SevenBits' CoE business model offers bespoke smart contract development services regardless of industries. Our experts analyze, strategize, and implement these smart contracts' right setup to ensure higher efficiency.

DeFi integrations

The payment world is moving towards DeFi (decentralized finance), and in Switzerland, the government itself is promoting decentralized financial services. This is the perfect time for companies to integrate these new systems to offer an improved payment solution to customers and business partners. 

As the customers move beyond their traditional banking practices, crypto wallets will be a significant part of the digital transformation. We offer modern DeFi services for your business to make the complex payment systems streamlined and manageable. Our team integrates secure KYC (Know Your Customer), and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) features to let your business grow in the digital world.

Secure supply-chain communications

Supply-chain is among the most complex industries that always demands higher-tech advancements. Blockchain applications such as real-time data communications and secure document authentication are proactively improving this business sector.

With this advanced technology, owners can grow their business with implementations like automated tracking, custom audits, identity protection, and more.

Custom ICO deployment

With the surging trend of crypto coins, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) is the next big thing for business expansion. The Swiss government is also accelerating the decentralized growth; ICO, IEO, and STO will help build a more extensive customer base with high profitability.  

We are an innovative blockchain development company that offers these robust services for your business. With more than eight public and private technologies, we have got you covered.

Business expansion and blockchain technology are the new synonyms to each other, and it will let you thrive online. Along with Switzerland, other countries like Malta are actively getting involved in implementing these advancements. The future of this technology will surge exponentially in the upcoming time, and it's the perfect time for industries to adapt and succeed. 

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