With ever-evolving consumers' demands and rapidly changing digital space, being full-fledged is the only way to thrive online. Regardless of industries and working domains, a digital transformation strategic partnership ensures a future-forward approach to be 'digitally fit.' Sevenbits is an innovative and leading digital transformation company that offers cutting-edge strategic partnership solutions to manage your complex business operations in a hassle-free manner. 

We help your business grow across dimensions

Our team at Sevenbits keeps your business afloat, leveraging best-of-the-class technological advancements. We bring in bespoke digital transformation consultation to scale the operations without disrupting existing models. Be it legacy migration to implementing blockchain-based data solutions, we examine, plan, and execute an efficient transformation plan for your company. 

With our mobile development expertise, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and more, our center of excellence team gauges your business goals and suggests a befitting digital growth strategy. Sevenbits streamline complex business processes by developing an agile-based transformation approach for your organization.

Custom operating models that fit your needs

We understand no two businesses are the same, and the way they function also differs from one another. Whatever your future goals demand, we have created high-performance engagement models for every bespoke solution. 

We widely offer value-driven models: fixed price, time & material, and dedicated team. Our team listens to your goals, problem statements and suggests the best fit model for top-notch growth results. 

In the fixed-price model, you only pay for the resources or services you have used. This model works best when the requirements, scope, and deadlines of the project are predefined. The time & material model brings out the highest efficiency from work with the ever-evolving conditions, and the scope is not predefined. 

The third and most profitable model that fits best in a strategic partnership is the dedicated team model. This model allows you to leverage resources, experienced team, and strategic planning of Sevenbits to accomplish your business goals.

Growth strategy planning

Whether you are running an e-commerce business or own a distributed supply-chain venture, you need reliable tech-driven solutions to manage complex business operations. We implement intelligent automation solutions that ease the complex business processes from AI & ML to robotic process automation (RPA) and cloud orchestration. 

Reduce human intervention through automation and scale profitable operations in a competitive time frame. Leverage our advanced strategic partnership to ensure higher RoI with round the clock assistance for your ventures. 

We have devised a performance-driven value proposition model that let you deliver higher quality products and services to your customers and stakeholders. Most of the businesses skip building a strong foundation for customer experience standardization. But with our strategic partnership, we cover all-instrumental aspects.

Blockchain development partnership

Blockchain has already become a mainstream technology that is creating a progressive disruption in the digital world. From developing a secure data architecture to building a secure wallet for customers, this decentralized technology is making companies 'future proof'.

Sevenbits is a professional DX company that has dedicated blockchain CoE to cater to your every requirement. We offer a wide range of public and private blockchain technologies, including Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, IBM Blockchain, and more. 

Our strategic partnership covers critical services, including smart contracts, crypto wallet development, IEO development, and more. Sevenbits collaborated with one of the largest crypto-wallet companies, Zebpay, to establish a secure P2P mobile-based crypto wallet for their 3 million+ user base.

Customer digitization

In today's digital disruption era, personalized customer experience is the key to retaining and growing sales and retention rates. Integrating personalization is not enough; it goes beyond, A/B testing and better visuals. 

For developing a seamless customer experience, our team works on the combination of emotions, perceptions, and expectations. By analyzing your customer behavior data, we define a custom strategy to improve CX at every touchpoint. 

We leverage data visualization models for your products to help you unveil the underlying business opportunities. From the existing product's re-engineering to delivering a secure omnichannel experience, we have got you covered. 

Grow smartly with a robust strategic partnership

Adopting in-house resources and solutions may not be a viable and profitable business for most businesses. A strategic partnership with an experienced tech leader helps you plan for exponential growth by streamlining complex business problems. 

Sevenbits is a leading digital transformation full-service company that caters to multiple clients across the globe. Utilize modern technology implementations to provide better services to your customers with us. We are driven by values and believe in helping businesses grow in their respective domains. Outperform in every aspect regardless of the industry by empowering your operations with reliable tech solutions. 

Want to know more about Sevenbits' strategic partnership? Get in touch with us at, and our team will be happier to guide you through disruptive strategies and solutions.

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