Data security enhancement is taking a toll on digitization and the demand for a secure transmission network is on the verge. As how we are interacting and transmitting the data over multiple channels are changing, blockchain proves out to be the most equipped technology.

As per the research conducted by Transparency Market Research, the blockchain market will be $20 billion by the end of 2024 due to the ever-evolving complexity in managing data over multiple data streams.

Regardless of industries, the concern of data privacy is growing amid hiked intrusions and it becomes pivotal to have a firm data architecture. Over this, we will explain about how Sevenbits is going beyond the limits to implement a secure blockchain layer to protect your organization's sensitive data.

Preparing encryption and validation architecture

For securing business data over omnichannel hops, a robust architecture is required to streamline the data. Sevenbits' team benchmarks and analyses the existing data architecture and improvises it with a blockchain-based end-to-end network. 

With the use of smart contracts and public-key encryption, we protect your company's sensitive data on omnichannel distribution. It prevents the modification of information throughout the transmission. The beauty of this modern technology is that it's self-validating in nature. Even if someone tries to disrupt the data, it automatically gets detected. 

Our team builds a secure validation architecture that puts data security in an automated mode. Be it an online retail store, inventory management, logistics, or real estate, having a shield over sensitive data puts your business ahead than your competitors. 

Decentralized Data Orchestration

Data orchestration is a crucial process for a company's success. For making your data-driven decision-making approach more secure, our team helps in integrating a secure framework. With our blockchain-based orchestration framework, you can ensure accurate and data-driven decisions that can transform your business. 

We add an extra layer of privacy by implementing a cryptographic signature mechanism that makes both the internal and external communication more validated and controlled. Monitoring a plethora of data is dubious and this process is very much prone to human error. 

Our team helps in transforming the existing centralized data monitoring process through a self-efficient framework. Since the data is securely saved and encrypted in multiple servers, there is no threat of data breaching or server crash. 

Difficult In Hacking

According to research, 41% of the companies have more than 1,000 sensitive files; and out of which, 21% mostly comes under the unprotected category. This critical condition leads to higher data forgery and cyber attacks.

With the implementation of blockchain technology, the chances of vulnerability can be turned down to zero. As this modern technology works on a secure ledger and distributed channeling architecture, it becomes nearly impossible for an unauthorized host to interfere or access the data.  

Our team at Sevenbits is experienced in creating complex distributed channels that keep your data secure and safe from intruders. We follow over the top security practices which automate data privacy and supervision to save both resources and operational cost. 

Blockchain is the future of digital transformation

As we are moving towards digital transformation, the approach to building a future-ready business model has shifted completely. Companies are shifting from a centralized organization to cluster-basis data management systems. Sevenbits is helping businesses across all industries to adopt this future-proof technology for a robust digital transformation.

From ideation to planning, prototyping, development, and deployment, our team ensures higher data optimization through blockchain. Give better services to your customers and upscale your business by improvising the existing data organization. Step into the future of digital growth with Sevenbits and empower more value.