To assure higher business continuity in tough times, having a digitally-forward transformation plan is critical. In these current times, the only way to secure sustainability is to follow the approach of ‘research fast and adapt faster’ in order to mitigate the existing risks and gaps in business operations.

Sevenbits is helping businesses to operate seamlessly by offering on-point consultation and IT services. Right from benchmarking the digital fitness of an organization to integrating automation for teams to do more, we have created full-fledged offerings that prepare you for the future. On this note, let's have a look at how Sevenbits is helping companies to achieve more by agile business continuity. 

Identifying the cores and criticals

Our team analyzes and identifies the core business operations that hold critical positioning and can be digitally transformed for maximized efficiency and continuity. We follow an iterative analysis approach to understand the underlying risks associated with legacy migration and additional modern technology integrations. 

We draft iterative corporate support and commitment plans that help you understand the transformation and continuity procedure in a better way. Our team gathers important data sets to evaluate the digital fitness of ongoing business operations. Sevenbits also help companies in developing employee training platforms to deliver change management guidelines or training in an efficient way.

Robust regulatory management

Many companies have various functional and non-functional dependencies over third-party licensing firms or outsourcing vendors. While transforming the existing systems for agile automation, our team ensures in-depth regulatory assessment to ensure higher data safety and continuity. Be it GDPR, HIPAA or ADA, we help in faster regulatory integration or migration.

Doing this, it helps companies in mitigating the transformation risks while maintaining higher and risk-free business continuity. Our team analyzes the direct and indirect impact of integrated automation to ensure all the resource-intensive business tasks are being carried out in the right direction. This regulatory assessment also helps in reducing human intervention through advanced technologies including AI and ML.

Data Migration & Scalability

The biggest challenge in ensuring higher business continuity in this time of pandemic is data availability. No matter how distributed the data is, it becomes crucial to check the existing data storage architecture to make it available when you actually need it. Just leveraging a cloud-based solution is not enough to ensure robust data transactions between your organization. 

Sevenbits helps in creating and establishing a custom cloud orchestration that helps companies in two ways. First, higher data security as it's available round the clock over multiple servers. And second, it helps in running the automation implementations in an uninterrupted manner.

Mobility Services

To keep your business running, we help facilitate complex business operations and services to your employees and customers on their smartphones. By empowering mobility in business, you not only ensure greater continuity but also makes operations future-ready. 

Our team offers extensive native and hybrid enterprise application development services to keep your business operating flawlessly. Upgrade your customer experience with our sheer business applications and serve them better at multiple touchpoints. From designing wireframes to developing prototypes, we bring you best-of-class mobile application services to boost business continuity. 

Remote Management Services

To give your business an edge of mobility and remote accessibility, our team offers real-time remote management services to manage data and processes in a streamlined way. Regardless of industry, we implement top-grade remote accessibility services in your business.

From automating supply-chain management to tracking real-time logistics fleet, we empower your business leveraging IIoT services. With end-to-end 128 bit SSL security, we secure your entire organization's data ecosystem while operating your business remotely.

Reasons Why Business Continuity Will Make Your Business Future-Ready

Establish More Trust Among People

Not just employees, establish greater trust with your customer by providing uninterrupted services to them. Business continuity is an ongoing process and opting for an iterative continuity approach ensures higher integrity and agility in the entire partner ecosystem. Sevenbits helps your company with the right strategic planning for making your business future-optimized.

Industry-level Compliance Assurity

When you are adopting business continuity for your organization, you ensure every process and standard has adhered to industry level compliance which is mandated depending upon the country. Be it GDPR, or HIPAA, our team evaluates and ensures your company is following the right set of compliance to serve your customers in a regulated manner. It not only helps in running the business adhering to a future-ready blueprint but also aid teams in function in the most optimized way.

Resilient Company Culture

Company is nothing without a culture that you truly believe in and establishing business continuity ensures you are not compromising on your organization culture. When the core business processes are firmly automated and secured, new employees can quickly adapt and start working in a defined way leveraging frameworks and using training platforms. This concept goes beyond new employees, even while starting a new project, business continuity can assure a clear direction regarding resources and data management.

Continuous Risk Mitigation

With an ongoing business continuation, the possibility of encountering a sudden risk is significantly reduced. As every crucial process is timely audited and improvised, the business can operate with full capacity without risking data. Sudden breaches or breakdowns are expensive and we can help in mitigating risk following an industry standard.

Competitive Advantage

Most business owners tend to forget continuity programs in the hassle of running their complex processes, but it is crucial to have it ready for an ever-evolving business. Sevenbits aids companies gain a business edge over peers by enabling company owners to offer on-point services to their customers. We make sure your customer can reach you using multiple touch-points across different devices. 

Continuity is an ongoing and iterative process, we at Sevenbits assure higher agility and performance with our cutting-edge digital transformation services. Scale your business efficiently and offer interactive services to your customers with us. Want to know more about how to make your business future-ready? Get in touch with us at and our team will guide you through best practices for ensuring robust continuity.