As the world is shifting towards advanced digital trends, e-commerce has become the biggest market where customers spend most of their money. This 9 trillion dollar industry is expanding and reaching more people across the globe at lightning speed. With such rapid growth, it becomes instrumental having a robust store that offers a more remarkable customer experience and generates substantial sales. 

There are plenty of e-commerce platforms available online to start your digital retail journey. But picking up the right CMS that helps you scale quickly is essential. Apart from fulfilling the fundamental e-commerce functionalities, you need to have an edge that lets you thrive online. 

Among various available e-commerce platforms, nopCommerce offers a series of robust future-focused digital retail options that support you in retaining and growing customers. We at SevenBits hold expertise in nopCommerce development, and we can assure you more sales with our custom e-commerce services. 

Why is nopCommerce A perfect choice for today and tomorrow's customers

nopCommerce goes beyond just being a fundamental e-commerce platform as it has a lot of customer-centric features that are built-in and hard to find on others. Be it its seamless checkout process or allowing customers to shop in an anonymous mode, this platform sports a range of futuristic features that make you customer-ready. 

nopCommerce creates a win-win situation for business owners and customers by offering powerful backend operations management and a seamless front-end experience. On top of it, as it's an open-source e-commerce platform, customization options are far vivid. With all these numerous productivity-centric features, this platform thrives when it comes to personalization and boosting sales. 

This platform is based on Microsoft's ASP.NET Core 2.0 framework, making it secure, intact, and future-driven. The significant advantage of this is sheer stability when your store gets enormous traffic and generates higher sales. 

How Seven Bits Can Help You Generate More Sales

We are an innovative nopCommerce development company, and with years of experience in digital retail, we understand buying psychology better. Our team leverages the best customer experience and personalization strategies to ensure the conversion rate of your store is high and bounce rate is low. We bring in a wide range of services that helps you grow faster:

Legacy System Migration

Most of the stores are running on older frameworks that are not up to the mark to cater to today's customers' requirements. To help you through this, we offer seamless and risk-mitigated platform migration services. No matter if it's an older customer HTML architecture, Magento, or PrestaShop, we carefully migrate your entire e-commerce store on nopCommerce.

Serve your customers with a better shopping experience and generate more sales without aggressive marketing of your brand. As this open-source platform works seamlessly on the web and mobile, the bounce rate slashes drastically.  

Custom Web Shop 

No two e-commerce business models are the same, and that's why their stores should also be built on different architecture to get the most out of the platform. With nopCommerce, our team gets all bespoke requirements up and running on your store. 

Be it creating a custom product database architecture to crafting a modern forefront that matches your business ethos, we have got you covered. This platform comes with advanced elastic-search technology that keeps your store's performance intact, even with thousands of products in inventory. Be it a B2C platform or a dedicated B2B online store; we can help you launch your bespoke digital shop that brings more sales opportunities. 

Third-party Integrations & store modifications

This platform comes with numerous functionalities like multi-vendor support, SEO, or 50+ payment gateway support. For offering an excellent customer experience, some third-party integrations are necessary. Our e-commerce experts analyze your requirements and perform the needful third-party tools integrations keeping the store's security intact. 

E-commerce stores require frequent modifications to attract more sales, and we can ensure customer-focused store modifications at a faster turnaround. We leverage the mobile store functionality to the fullest and help you connect with more audiences by giving them a mobile-focused experience. This feature eliminates the need for developing a separate mobile application.

Customer-focused features of nopCommerce that generates higher sales

This platform treats business owners with the best lucrative marketing features that are hard to find built-in somewhere else. Know about seamless functionalities of nopCommerce that are bliss for business owners.

Multi-vendor support

If you deal with multiple vendors, suppliers, and more than numerous business partners, this platform seamlessly makes complex processes. You can even run a full-fledged dropship store using this open-source CMS and manage multiple business touchpoints from a single dashboard. 

Products from multiple merchants appear in the same product inventory, and your site visitors can buy at one e-commerce store even if various vendors across the globe are providing your goods. Each vendor can be given admin panel access to maintain their stock, check sales statements, and order information regarding their inventory. 

Multifaceted marketing

Marketing plays a significant role in the success of any store listed online, and this platform offers you multiple ways to do it. Right from implementing reward-based loyalty programs to discount coupons and e-mail marketing, it has everything that you will ever need for promotions. 

As this CMS also comes with built-in price comparison features, including Google Shopping, PriceGrabber, and Yahoo Shopping, you can let customers compare prices and grow your sales. 

Seamless buying process

Without any doubt, nopCommerce offers the best checkout experience to online shoppers. It's up to customers to create an account for shopping or want to shop anonymously. This kind of freedom builds higher trust among your audience base. 

With its single-page checkout feature, customers get a seamless buying experience as it cuts unnecessary details filling part of the buyer's experience. 

NopCommerce is among the best platforms to start your digital retail journey and start scaling your business. SevenBits is the best e-commerce development company that caters to your all bespoke webshop needs. Learn more about our services by contacting us at, and our team will walk you through the best that fits your requirements.