Decentralized systems and transaction platforms are the next disruptions that companies are preparing for. Right from implementing blockchain security architecture to migrating legacy systems into robust decentralized platforms, the digital transformation is happening at a blazing speed. 

Sevenbits is an innovative digital disruption company and we back your entire digital transformation to help you succeed in the digital era. If you are scaling your business towards decentralization leveraging IEOs, we are here to help. 

IEO or initial exchange offer is the same as the initial public offering (IPO) in which tokens are raised leveraging a cryptocurrency exchange instead of rising shares from the stock market. IEO lets the investors join the crypto world with a safe approach to raise cryptocurrency crowdfunding. 

How Sevenbits Excels In Developing An IEO For Your Company

Our team follows an agile approach in developing a robust initial exchange offering. From implementing an extra security layer to your system to offering an on-point experience to a large customer base, we are here to get you going.

Analysis and Ideating 

Our team follows a rigorous process in gathering your core requirements and validating the POCs of your product. By developing a risk-mitigated blueprint, we help you understand the social feasibility and market demand of the product. 

We analyze every aspect of the upcoming IEO that will help you improvise the whole concept. Our team starts with creating wireframes for the products and then develops the first MVP (minimum viable product). It gives you a clear vision of how the product will look. 

Exchange Selection 

Once you get your whitepaper approved by your investors, and final up the core features of your upcoming IEO, our team helps in choosing the appropriate cryptocurrency exchange for your product. This is a game-changing and crucial process of product development that ensures higher agility and stability of the platform. 

Understanding your requirements, we choose the best exchange for the product that lets you stand apart from the crowd and attract more users to your brand-new IEO.

Token Development

Our expert token development team develops tokens for your new IEO exchange on a variety of blockchain platforms. From Ethereum, Steller to EOS, our experts conceptualize and develop tokens abiding by your custom requirements and market trends. 

Crypto Wallet Development & Integrations

Decentralized crypto wallets are the most reliable way of storing cryptocurrency securely and performing transactions with it. Our experienced team of blockchain developers creates and links a multi-currency cryptocurrency wallet that is compatible with your tokens. It will help your customers flawlessly and securely access your services on the go. 

Smart Contract Development

By leveraging distributed ledger and proof-of-work agreement schemes, we develop secure smart contracts for your IEO to ensure seamlessly verification process. Offer faster and efficient services to your customers through custom smart contract development services. 

What are the advantages of having your own IEO

Top-notch Security

As the IEOs are managed on a third-party exchange and not on a holding organization, it establishes a higher trust factor among the investors. Along with this, as the IEO is already having an established payment ecosystem, it becomes more reliable and secure for both the investors and your customers. 


The exchange used while developing IEO already covers both KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering), the investors and customers don't need to repeat the verification process each time they use the platform.

In-depth Scrutiny 

Registering an IEO is a more complex process than ICO and due to its rigid process of scrutiny, it establishes more authenticity among the industry. This key feature of IEO ensures more trust among investors as they are investing in a credible project. 

Easy To Operate

As compared to other platforms, IEO is much easier to manage as many of the integral parts of the platforms are automated and require less human intervention.

Sevenbits makes the entire IEO development process seamless for you. Our team offers best-in-class and future-focused blockchain-based product development services. As the entire ecosystem regardless of the niche is on the verge of digital transformation, blockchain is becoming the next hotshot disruption. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements, and we will be happy to get you started.