E-Commerce: Enhancing Performance and Growth with Seven Bits

Personalization is pivotal when it comes to catering to the customers of this hyper-connected digital era. As more consumers are willing to spend extra to buy products on e-commerce platforms, the experience should be personalized and seamless. 

In terms of personalization and omnichannel experience, nopCommerce is among the best platforms as it makes the buying experience close to real-life shopping. At SevenBits, our team helps you present a fully-personalized customer experience to generate more sales using the nopCommerce platform.

Robust Mobile Integration

Without any additional development or add-ons, nopCommerce offers the facility to create a mobile-friendly version of your shop in no time. This feature not only helps you provide greater personalization to customers but also helps in cross-selling more products. SevenBits helps you in creating a feature-rich mobile version storefront to gain maximum retention among customers.

Effortless Payments For Customers

In terms of offering personalized payment options, nopCommerce is ahead of all the other platforms. This platform provides single page checkout and brings in the feature of anonymous checkout for customers. This means if a visitor wants to purchase something from your store without entering personal details, it's possible. 

We at SevenBits offer multiple payment integrations to provide a higher degree of personalization in the store's payment section. From all leading payment merchants to your custom preferences, we have got you covered.

Higher Security & Data Preferences

nopCommerce comes with in-built support for many global data compliance protocols, including GDPR and PCI DSS compliance. Even if you are launching your store on a global scale, this platform will ensure all the compliances are being followed by adhering to all guidelines. 

These elaborated security and data compliance features help you establish the brand as a trustworthy entity among the audience. We help in integrating country-specific compliance and data protection protocols to make your digital retail shop more.

Comprehensive Tax Details To Customers

Another instrumental feature of this platform that improves personalization and offers a better understanding of product prices is its taxation feature. From integrating VAT for the European Union region to taxable or tax-exempt markings of products, nopCommerce offers a wide range of tax features that benefit both business owners and customers. 

Improve customer personalization in your e-commerce business using nopCommerce and scale your business faster. Be it migrating from an old store to integrating new features in your existing shop, we have got you covered. Get in touch with us at sales@sevenbits.in and know more about advanced nopCommerce development services. SevenBits is an innovative company that believes in driving transformational ideas to make success happen to your business in this digital arena.