Automotive: Revolutionizing Automotive Industry: Blockchain Innovations

The automotive market is enormous, and this industry is growing at an exponential rate. The global automotive market was summed up at USD 378.4 billion in 2019, determining the industry's growth and ascending graph. These numbers are enough to forecast the potential of the automotive industry and the need for digitization. 

With the upcoming trends of digitalization and due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the industry's significant chunk is leaning towards this transformation, and the future of the automotive industry lies in the same.

The continuously updating technology has marked a full stop on the conventional methods of operation. As the parts industry is rapidly growing, it has become necessary to leverage technology to simplify and smoothen the operations. The industry must maintain the growth curve with diversified stakeholders and variations, which depend on multiple dynamics.

Digital commerce is playing a vital role in the parts industry these days, and hence the business models are expected to shift towards proprietary channels and partnerships. SevenBits helps parts companies with e-commerce business models to boost the reach and growth of the business.


How Seven Bits boosts revenue with automation

The competitive market demands parts manufacturing and selling companies to be updated and strategize their growth. To be relevant in the race, the companies must evolve when it comes to customer experience and internal processes. This practice provides unmatched service to the customer and hence enhances the brand value of the organization.

An automated product information management enables suppliers and manufacturers to manage their inventory better than their competitors, thus reducing the management chaos.  

The PIM system also maps the same product with dynamic prices at different geo-locations. PIM gets integrated with the E-Commerce shops or ERP, and hence customers get an exact price and stock information every time. 

Our bespoke PIM dashboard manages products as per their groups and subgroups and hence making data management easy for organizations. With such robust automation, parts companies save their human resources and can manage their time in a more efficient manner.

Better Sales Channel for your business

Online sales is now becoming the backbone of the parts manufacturers, and companies need to execute the best practices into online sales channels to generate high revenues. Our multi-channel offering includes tailor-made product management as per the target audiences and their needs. SevenBits also offers a product management dashboard with analytics integration, which can help analyze the customer patterns and their sentiments.

SevenBits also helps companies in improving their customer service by integrating automation implementations. Many service providers offer different pricing to different customers and sell the same product at different costs. W all these factors, our custom solutions empower the clients to integrate the variable data on a single portal and enhance their sales team's productivity. 

eCommerce Solutions for Parts Companies 

With our Parts eCommerce solutions, companies can scale their businesses at a faster turnaround. PIM (Product Information Management) integration with an omnichannel platform provides more visibility and allows customers to interact effectively. It empowers you to analyze the buying patterns, return rate, and customer service.

We also offer legacy system migration services to efficiently scale your business and grow your presence among new customers. The changing technology trends of the automotive industry will lead to a faster expansion of the parts sector. 

Manage your website and add valuable channel partners to your sales department to increase your sales across different areas. You can effortlessly generate higher sales and make operations more straightforward.

Better Security With Seven Bits

As we are moving towards digitization, the concern for online data security has also surged. To help companies to offer better services to their customers, we also integrate blockchain-based solutions. Be it sharing business-sensitive information across your communication channel or securing your customers' information; we offer a wide range of blockchain services.

We have got you covered by integrating smart contracts to migrating old databases into new blockchain-based cloud infrastructure. Higher security helps you gain customers' trust faster, and hence it improves the retention rate. 

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