Blockchain as a technology is gaining a mammoth amount of popularity amid digitization and constant tech disruptions. Most industries are gradually shifting their traditional business frameworks and operational architecture to this cutting-edge advancement. However, it is crucial to mark — how to get started with blockchain and what are the benefits that will turn into business profits. Our CoE approach spans around multiple aspects— from strategic planning to validation, deployment and post maintenance, we have got you covered. We bring in a complete solution so you don’t need to brainstorm on your end. Leverage our CoE services to jumpstart your project.

Blockchain is not a fancy gimmick that every company must have in its tech portfolio— it's a highly secure and robust way to scale the business in implementing decentralization. Be it a startup, medium-sized enterprise, or a budding company; business owners need the right guidance and set of tools. We at Sevenbits as a leading Blockchain Center of Excellence (CoE) can help you streamline your business processes and make you thrive on it. 

How Can We As A Blockchain CoE Help In Scalability & Profitability?

Sevenbits is an innovative digital transformation company that extensively offers public and private blockchain services to businesses regardless of industry. Our center of excellence team brings in the right industry benchmarking, technology, and future-oriented strategies to make you thrive in the market.

Smart Contract Development

While moving towards the digital transformation, securing and ensuring integrity becomes pivotal. A smart contract is a cutting-edge technology that can help your business create, manage, distribute, and re-create business-sensitive information in a secure way. 

From developing a smart contract custom architecture to design, audit, and optimization of existing business smart contracts, we help in risk mitigation. Our Blockchain CoE team analyzes your complex business processes and creates an efficient validating system. 

Every industry has its own set of complex validating protocols, and our team can help in streamlining the entire process. The advantage of having your validating system is that you can eliminate all the third-party interventions to add an extra security layer. Along with this, business owners can save high cost in recurring external tools for data verification and integrity management.

We help in accurate POC

POC plays a winning role in product launch, and Sevenbits can aid your business in ensuring a higher success rate with less TTM. Our team leverages your core inputs, product conceptualization, and scalability data to create a custom proof of concept. We follow an agile process to test your ideas against various technical and market-driven aspects. 

From creating rapid prototypes of your MVP leveraging blockchain to creating a full-fledged testing environment, we gather data through various usability forefronts. We utilize leading technologies including Ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS, to generate a data-driven POC. This audit also helps you understand which blockchain technology is perfect for your business.

From developing a B2C mobile application or a dashboard for managing the complex supply chains, POC saves both time and resources. Sevenbits focuses on multiple aspects, including wireframes, design visualization, and functionality deployment for creating POC test cases.

Business Asset Management with Blockchain

To thrive in this ever-evolving digital era, your business needs to have a robust business asset management system. Apart from establishing secure payment touchpoints, it also ensures better traceability and integrity of business data. 

Be it bitcoin wallet development or integrating your existing business operations with a crypto exchange, Sevenbits reduces your time to market significantly. With custom payment API integration, you can scale your business without incurring third-party payment operation fees. 

Sevenbits helps you in establishing a peer to peer network within the organization and other stakeholders. Upscale your overall customer experience by integrating a scalable blockchain-based asset management system. Establish consistency across the partner chain by ensuring higher automation as it will reduce the error-prone human intervention.

Secure your Cloud Storage

For making a business scalable and customization as per your customers' requirement, simple cloud implementation is not enough. As the generalized cloud-based data architectures lack a robust hashing function.

By integrating blockchain technology with your existing cloud architecture, data can be securely stored on distributed segments. As all the data segments will be interlinked with a hashing function, data integrity remains intact. Both public and private implementations come with self-verifiable encryption; the chances of data hampering gets slashed.  

The extreme security protocols not only mask malicious attacks but also make data interpretation and alteration a useless attempt. With this cloud infrastructure, customers can connect with your system through a peer-to-peer network regardless of any touchpoint they are using.

Crypto Exchange Development

For making a business scalable and future-oriented, companies are moving towards having their crypto exchange for their customers. It not only helps in establishing a high trust among the shareholders and customers but also lets you securely grow your business.

Sevenbits is a leading crypto exchange development company that has helped numerous companies, including Zebpay, in establishing a customer-focused crypto exchange. Our team is an expert in developing a full-fledged exchange system with sheer support of mobility for your customers. Establish high transparency and ledger-based security while scaling your operations.

Legacy Finance Migration With DeFi

Modern businesses demand robust payment systems that can function round the clock with zero-delay, and Sevenbits establishes this with a full-fledged DeFi migration. Our team follows an iterative approach in analyzing, benchmarking, and preparing a payment migration blueprint for your business. 

Let your customers experience the next level of freedom for performing transactions across the globe with DeFi. As this technology is based on 'permissionless participation' expanding your business in different verticals becomes easier. 

Sevenbits can also help your business in integrating DeFi infrastructure with your existing process to make the operations straightforward and transparent. 

Start transforming your business for the disruptive tomorrow with Sevenbits. Leverage our Blockchain CoE to prepare your teams and organization for exponential growth. Know about our services from our experts. Get in touch with us at and explore how we can help you in growing profitability and customer satisfaction.