As the tech world moves towards a more flexible and agile way of doing things, the whole IT paradigm changes. Especially after the pandemic, the trend of scaling the business with virtual developers is booming, and this trend is here to stay. 

Hiring in-house resources can be time-consuming and an expensive process which also might delay the project. Moreover, as the new team members also need training and walkthrough of knowledge, it somewhat affects the overall speed of scalability of the company. To overcome this challenge, companies can hire professional and experienced virtual developers and gain a competitive advantage. 

Be it backend development using technologies like blockchain or migrating the legacy system, having a team of virtual developers acts as extended robust support. On this note, let's explore how Seven Bits virtual developers can help your company and bring more agility to the project development life cycle.

Quick project execution

The most significant advantage of hiring Seven Bits virtual developers is an in-depth understanding of the technology stack and business requirements. In addition, we help you start your project with a faster turnaround keeping everything streamlined. Be it project briefing, selecting the right developers, and creating milestones, we have you covered. 

Our dedicated developers' team understands your business goal and helps you with the optimized execution of the project. With higher agility in execution strategy, you gain a robust kickstart for your new or existing project. 

Robust technology support

Seven Bits is expertise in offering you all modern and efficient technologies to meet your business goals with higher ROI. From blockchain development frameworks to mobile development technologies and core web frameworks, our developers are here to streamline complex requirements into a clear roadmap. 

With the support of 50+ technologies and frameworks, Seven Bits assures you of full-fledged development support for your company. With years of experience in full-stack development, we can take care of everything along with complex project management. 

Timezone & compatibility 

Timezone and communication play an inevitable role in building strong agility among two companies and their developers. To simplify the communication, our dedicated developers work as per your timezone so that you can work in a full-fledged way. With a similar time zone, you get a competitive advantage of accomplishing project milestones faster and with utmost industry standards.

Along with virtual developers, our project managers are also there to ensure higher productivity, on-time completion, and in-depth testing. Compared to hiring in-house talent, you get more resourcefulness with virtual developers.  

Future-focused approach

All our developers are well-versed in terms of keeping the future scope of your project and helping you with effective planning. Be it cryptocurrency exchange development to implementing a blockchain-based database; our focus remains on keeping higher scalability and agility. For gaining a competitive advantage, it's essential to think and plan for future aspects of your work, and we can help you in that area. 

Whether you need help in strategic planning, creating a robust execution blueprint, or developing an upgrade plan for your existing projects, we manage everything. 

Keeping up with trends

The biggest agility lies in keeping up with the technology trends and domain-specific updates to communicate the best results. Seven Bits virtual developers help you take advantage of the latest technology trends to execute your project with higher agility. From NFT development through ERC protocols to offering more than seven blockchain frameworks, we simplify the tech advancements for you. 

Whether you are looking to develop an idea from scratch or need to pace up the existing and running project, we help with a more profound way of project management. 

Why Seven Bits virtual developers?

Seven Bits is a leading digital transformation company that offers its services in multiple industries. From automotive to enterprise, our virtual developers are here to meet your every business requirement. From mobile development to blockchain frameworks, webshop development, and core web development, we have you covered. 

As we streamline the work process with higher flexibility, you can quickly scale your business and grow revenue in a more productive manner. Get in touch with our experts at to explore more about our virtual developers model and how we can help you grow the overall business growth.