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In 2021 and beyond, the way companies used to work has changed significantly. The post-pandemic world has forced companies to be more agile, flexible, and future-focused. However, the challenge of running a business seamlessly with limited resources is still needed to be streamlined. 

Leaders face several challenges regarding maintaining productivity, optimizing available resources, and seamless communication due to this pandemic. To overcome these problems and grow business faster with agility, companies can hire virtual developers.

There are various transforming benefits of opting for the Seven Bits virtual developers model. Regardless of company size, business owners can boost their software development lifecycle and deliver quality services much faster. 

Developing a remote workplace strategy becomes much easier when companies work with dedicated remote teams as this engagement model brings top-notch flexibility. On this note, let's explore how Seven Bits empowers your business' agility through the virtual developers model.

We understand business & technology

Seven Bits is a leading digital transformation company, and we have been offering our services across domains for years now. When you hire virtual developers, you get a competitive edge of better business compatibility. Our team also understands your business goals along with offering you cutting-edge technological services. 

Whether you want to migrate your legacy system or need cryptocurrency exchange development services, we have you covered. Our team brainstorms the requirements with you to understand all nitty-gritty and impact of it on your or your client's business. It gives us the opportunity to deliver more reliable services or products with a faster turnaround time. 

Top-notch agile approach

To drive agility in your organization, our virtual developers follow industry-leading agile software development practices. From ideation to designing to development and deployment — our team ensures every phase follows the same standards that bring more agility. With the support of cutting-edge technology and experienced team members, we innovate products and offer services that let you thrive on success. 

Whether you are into an automotive business, enterprise, or B2B SaaS business — our virtual developer engagement model meets your every goal. Our team managers ensure seamless communication to establish clarity among both in-house and virtual developers teams. 

Use of cutting-edge technologies

The only way to succeed in the competitive domain is to leverage the latest technologies that offer better optimization and let teams with greater productivity. With the newest technology stack consisting of more than a dozen frameworks, we have got you covered. 

Be it blockchain development services using Bitcoin, Ethereum, or interactive mobile development technologies like React and Flutter; you don't have to worry about business compatibility. Instead, once you share project details, our team managers suggest the best-performing technologies for meeting your business goals. 

Same timezone

Seven Bits virtual developers work with your team as per your time zone to ensure seamless communication. While hiring virtual developers, different time zones become a significant problem that impacts the overall work process in one or another. To solve this challenge, Seven Bits virtual developers work in your time zone so that you can meet all milestones within given deadlines. 

With the entire team works together, the scope of project completion and driving innovative ideas improves that help your business grow. Regardless of your local time zone, you can expect robust performance from our virtual developers. 

Cost optimization

In-house hiring is expensive and a time-consuming process that requires substantial involvement. However, it's not the case with virtual developers, and you don't have to spend on their training or onboarding formalities. It makes the virtual developers' engagement model more agile and on-demand for all businesses that seek a headstart. 

Compared to hiring in-house developers, you get more consistent performance at an optimized cost for your projects. As we handpick the right developers for your project, you don't need to invest your time and resources in finding suitable candidates. 

Transparent tracking

Experience transparent and seamless tracking and project management with the Seven Bits virtual developers engagement model. As you get complete management control, you don't have to worry about establishing meetings to review work and project progress. 

As the virtual developers work dedicatedly as your in-house team, tracking work progress becomes much more manageable and accessible than hiring freelancers. 

Get started with Seven Bits

Kickstart your project and drive more agility in your business with our virtual developers. Seven Bits is a leading digital transformation company that offers innovative services. Get in touch with us at to explore more. 

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