Virtual Developer

Post pandemic, the way companies are operating was a never thought idea a couple of years back. Working from remote locations, utilizing the resources to their optimum level, and many more have become mainstream. However, companies are still facing several challenges in scaling their operations and bringing agility to their system. 

Hiring in-house developers come with higher expenditure covering recruitment, training, onboarding process, procurement of right resources, and more. Combining all these elements, making scalability a low-profit exercise for the business. In addition to this, direct outsourcing projects to another company gives you little control over execution, team tracking, milestone improvisation, and other vital elements. 

To ensure higher quality project delivery with profitability, companies need to adopt a more efficient engagement model. For helping companies with their projects, Seven Bits brings in virtual developers models that work as extended support for their work. 

Seven Bits believe in offering companies a flexible way to begin their new projects that gives them complete control over every activity. Our experienced virtual developers speed up the software development lifecycle and offer support at every stage. Be it cryptocurrency exchange development, legacy system migration, or ERP dashboard development, we have got you covered. 

Seven Bits helps businesses overcome several challenges that hinder their growth and the ability to innovate better. On this note, let's explore how virtual developers can help businesses with higher agility.

Robust technology stack

With years of experience and exposure to multiple industries, we bring in comprehensive support of the latest and scalable technologies. From robust web development to interactive mobile applications and blockchain frameworks — we meet your every development need with perfection. 

Our specialized developers not only understand your project requirement but also understand your business, and that's why they pick the right technology stack. With the support of 30+ technology frameworks, you don't have to worry about selecting the right technology for your project. We help companies overcome the challenge of not having the right technology stack and experienced developers to execute new projects. 

Same working schedule

When working with virtual developers, businesses face the problem of time zone incompatibility; however, it's not the case with Seven Bits. We understand your priorities and the importance of seamless communication throughout the project development. Our virtual developers with in the same time zone as yours, so you won't face any delay or communication barrier. 

The biggest advantage of working in the same time zone is uninterrupted speed and higher productivity among teams. Whether you are looking for virtual developers for a long-term project or for the quick addition of new features, you can deliver the work as per your deadlines. 

Seamless management

One of the biggest challenges that businesses face to grow with agility is effective project and team management. With a virtual developer engagement model, companies have complete control over developers working in their teams. 

As the complete project management and team management control are in your hand, effective project management is seamless and easier. On the other hand, when companies outsource projects to another company, the scope for effective management is minimal, and it becomes difficult.  

Final thoughts

Seven Bits is an innovative company that helps companies scale with greater agility and efficiency. With our virtual developer engagement model, scale up faster and manage projects with more agility. Get in touch with us at to know more about our virtual developers, and we will be much happier to walk you through.