Blockchain technology is rapidly booming across industries, and it's acting like a digital transformation catalyst for companies. Regardless of business verticals, more organizations adopt this technology's robust application to 'play future-proof.'

The blockchain scenario has expansively evolved over a couple of years as it has shown business owners the potential for growth, sustainability, and higher RoI. Many countries have already adopted this modern decentralized technology, and the UK is all set to embrace its multifaceted applications. 

The industrial sector of Great Britain is in awe as the country's authority is working towards new laws for introducing this tech with full governance. According to the latest reports, The Treasury Department of the UK has said in a statement that they are drafting schemes to regulate a series of decentralized entities. And, some of the critical parts are blockchain stablecoins, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). 

Authorities are moving towards this digital direction due to several reasons. This new draft approach includes strengthening the economy, supporting industrial growth, and seeking better alternatives to cash. While addressing the media, the spokesperson said— 'blockchain could transform the way people store and exchange their money, making payments cheaper and faster.' 

With this government's move, it's clear that the industrial sectors will be the biggest beneficiaries as they will get to expand their business across the borders. As blockchain is decentralized and both business owners and customers don't need to pay third-party charges, the opportunities are enormous. 

To pace up the current situation and help you thrive online, SevenBits offers cutting edge blockchain development services. Our blockchain CoE works closely towards your business goals and enables you to expand your business scalability with our bespoke services. On this note, let's dive into the current blockchain development services and know about how we can help you grow:

Legacy Migration

We are an innovative blockchain development company that can help you migrate from old systems to blockchain-based architecture. Our team thoroughly analyses your systems and drafts a bespoke migration strategy that will benefit your teams and end customers. With new techniques, you can have better control over all business-sensitive processes and data privacy.

As customers are getting more aware of how and where their data is being used, blockchain can establish transparency. Be it developing a blockchain-based crypto wallet for your existing payment systems or integrating Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) protocols, we have got you covered.

Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts are the future of secured business & customer data transactions among multiple parties. Smart contracts ensure both data security and integrity when it's in exchange from one touchpoint to another. Be it eCommerce, finance, real estate, or supply chain; this advancement can help you streamline your business processes.

With smart contracts, it becomes time-saving for your teams and customers to validate and process documents. There are zero data redundancy possibilities or alteration as the distributed ledgers are closely interconnected and interdependent for verification. Smart contracts also help in mitigating manual work as the contracts can self-verify the documents and contracts. 

Crypto Exchange Services

Having your crypto-based payment system improves the customer experience and helps you eliminate third-party transaction charges. Our SevenBits blockchain development team offers a wide range of crypto exchange development leveraging public and private blockchain technologies, including  Bitcoin, EOS, Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, and IBM. 

Offer a decentralized payment experience to your customers and business partners and scale your business for onboarding more customers. Blockchain lets you thrive online and expand your services much faster than any other similar tech implementation. As the UK government is also working closely regarding decentralization, adopting crypto exchange services makes your business future-proof. 

Blockchain technology is taking the industries towards a new paradigm shift. As the customer demands are ever growing with time and how they interact with technology is changing, blockchain is a boon for companies. Want to know more about our blockchain development services? Get in touch with us at and get started with modern advancements.

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