E-Commerce: Enhancing Performance and Growth with Seven Bits

E-commerce is much more than browsing a product, adding it to a cart, and then making a purchase. In the digital era where the trends are rapidly evolving, e-commerce is now becoming a whole customer experience ecosystem. With the availability of numerous platforms and custom options, it becomes crucial to pick the right platform for digital retail profitability. 

nopCommerce is a highly scalable, robust, and future-forward digital retail platform that boosts digital sales and customer retention. Unlike any other platform, nopCommerce brings in some top of the line accelerating features that set you ahead from all.

Power of customized products

According to a survey done by Infosys, more than 86% of the customers are likely to make a purchase if a product is customized for them. nopCommerce lets you customize your product's presentation and offerings in the smartest way to attract more customers.

Sevenbits' team helps you establish a full-fledged digital retail store that lets you customize all product details and appearance. Be it integrating your old e-commerce platform or adding a new one to your store fleet, our team makes sure you get the highest profitability from this feature-driven platform.

Better control over pricing

With ever-evolving digital transformation and head-to-head competition in customer acquisition, nopCommerce can accelerate your sales by its unique online bargaining feature. Unlike any other platform, this feature offers better control to the customer and hence delivers more sales. This feature makes the buying cycle of customers more realistic and close to real life. With the online bargaining feature, it not just helps you keep a better profit margin but also gives a sense of higher control on the buying end. 

If you are a consumer product seller, this feature of nopCommerce could be a customer-saving option that will eventually enhance the customer retention rate.

Single-page checkout is the key to digital success

In the fast-paced online product buying ecosystem, check-out functionality plays an instrumental role in defining your digital retail success. There are high chances of customers dropping their carts amid the lengthy multi-page checkout process. 

We at Sevenbits have done the market research for you and we imply some proven tactics to optimize your store's checkout experience. As the customers only need to fill their essential details in a clutter-free manner, it accelerates customer experience and saves time. From saving the billing preferences to automatically applying the available discount code, it makes the buying experience seamless.

Elastic Search makes nopCommerce highly scalable

Elastic search is highly advanced the makes the product search and display process blazing fast. With this feature of nopCommerce, a customer can explore a wide range of products through a single product search. And with its advanced geo-localized searches, you have the option to show the best available products based on a particular geography. 

Even if you are planning to launch a digital retail business with bulk products, nopCommerce excellently supports the elastic search for an inventory of up to 100,000 products. It optimizes product details, images, and other supporting details to ensure round the clock accelerating performance.

Multi-step personalization features

The best way to accelerate digital retail profitability is to offer better control to customers for personalizing their products. nopCommerce offers inbuilt multi-step customization features that let customers choose from a wide array of configurations available in products.

If you are planning to migrate your existing e-commerce platform to nopCommerce, Sevenbits can help in the legacy migration in a frictionless manner.

The digital retail industry is growing at an exponential pace and it caters to customers' ever-evolving demands, nopCommerce is the best platform to choose. Sevenbits is an innovative digital transformation company that brings in future-forward e-commerce solutions to make you thrive online. Want to know more about our e-commerce services? Get in touch with at sales@sevenbits.in and our team will be happier to guide you through.