As businesses are drifting towards broader digitization and ecosystem transformation, the operations are getting more convoluted. On the other hand, consumers' pattern of interaction with business and sales channels is also on the verge of paradigm shift. 

Both B2B and B2C omnichannel ecosystems demand higher agility and quick response time to serve its customers on the go. In such a hyper business transformation, companies need to upgrade to modern mobile technologies to tackle multiple challenges in a quite future-driven manner.

Here, the need for having a cutting-edge and performance-driven mobile platform is clearly visible. As companies are already having the option of native development, but to win the race of on-point service with greater accessibility, organizations need to adopt technologies like Flutter and React Native to scale their B2B and B2C businesses at a rapid scale backed with higher risk mitigation.

Higher reusability for faster scaling

Both Flutter and React native applications sport higher reusability features that allow developers to reuse most of the codebase and UI architecture modules. It not only help you in scaling your business faster by optimizing the time to market cycle. The rendering process of Flutter and React looks native on every platform sample and helps in reducing the complete development cycle to a significant extent.

Code development for B2B and B2C

When the architecture of these modern app development platforms are compared to the native ones, they come with a faster rendering and testing time. Just for quick comparison, a mid-sized B2C or a B2B application takes around 40 seconds to ship to a testing device to check the preview of the recently updated or developed app screen.

On the other hand, Flutter leverages its 'hot reload' which offers the developer to check out the preview almost instantly. This is just one aspect and there are many that make it easier to develop the code faster and hence, bring higher business scalability.

Cutting-edge performance

Seven Bits' dedicated Flutter and React Native development teams follow a standardized application development procedure that helps in achieving the peak performance of your digital product. When specifically talked about these platforms, they offer almost the same stable performance as compared to conventional native applications. 

However, it completely depends on the nature of the propose— for what the application is being made. But yes, if you are searching for the best cross-platform development platform that helps in scaling your user base, our team is all set to develop your idea into a power-packed product.

Complex integrations

Especially for B2B applications, it becomes crucial for companies to sports all complex features beautifully to gain a lead in the market. In such scenarios, these modern platforms come with their own strengths. These platforms allow developers to integrate higher complexity features into resource-optimized UI architecture which ensures higher performance even while carrying complex B2B integrations. 

Sevenbits is an award-winning app development company and we help you effectively plan in marketing your complex and productive business feature in a very streamlined and usable manner.

Scale your business beyond mobile

Unlike native platforms, solutions like Flutter allow your business operations to go beyond the mobile ecosystem and let your customers experience the same functionality on desktops also. As this modern technology is backed by Google, you can leverage its higher customization to grow your business in the market in a smarter and agile manner.

However, Flutter and React Native applications are not the complete replacement of the core native platforms but they do offer higher flexibility and agility. For increased time to market, these platforms promise faster development and deployment of your B2C or B2B application. Get in touch with Sevenbits' mobile experts to discuss your business goals.