Blockchain: Transforming Industries and Empowering Business Growth

As we move towards the hyper-connected digitized world, the way customers interact with services has undergone a drastic transformation. After COVID-19, more businesses are coming online to onboard new customers. Companies need to adopt cutting-edge technologies to serve customers better to take the lead in the business domains. 

For thriving digitally in 2021 and beyond, businesses need robust technological advancements like blockchain to manage internal processes more efficiently. Be it customer onboarding, procurement processes, B2B invoicing, or scaling the company, the approach should remain agile to take the lead. On this note, let's look at how blockchain technology can help you gain a competitive advantage without growing operational costs and resources. 

Better data management

The biggest and the most significant advantage of adopting blockchain technology is better and more secure data management. As it's a distributed ledger technology that is entirely decentralized, the data remains intact and readily available on the go. Unlike conventional data architectures, blockchain-based architecture is highly transparent, and the chances of data forgery or alteration remain null.  

SevenBits' expert blockchain team helps your business in seamless legacy system migration to upgrade the overall performance. With our bespoke blockchain development services, we help to automate highly resource-intensive processes. Be it bulk data verification or data segmentation, we have got you covered. 

Higher security

With the evolution of the Internet, cyber threats have surged on a substantial level, and it has become pivotal to implement 360° security. With blockchain implementation, the chances of cyber threats can be reduced drastically. Be it your business-sensitive data, customers' personal information, or B2B transaction information; blockchain makes the available data secure and encrypted. 

Robust applications like smart contracts and blockchain-based databases makes security management easy for business owners. Regardless of company size and industry, security is inevitable, and it's a fundamental requirement for everyone associated with your company. For providing you bespoke security implementations, the SevenBits' Blockchain Center of Excellence (CoE) team analyses and drafts a robust blueprint. 

Boosting Efficiently 

For gaining the lead in the competitive market, businesses should boost their productivity and operational efficiency to do more work in less time. This necessity of performance-driven automation has surged even more after the COVID-19 outbreak. As companies are working with inadequate resources, only automation can help them thrive online and gain a competitive edge.  

With blockchain implementation, companies can automate various aspects, including payment, document verification, data management, and more. As many operations can self-validate their database, companies can save their resources from doing manual work. This distributed ledger-based automation is highly accurate than any manual verification process. 

Cost optimization

When it comes to taking a competitive advantage in the market, companies need to focus on their profitability without degrading their service quality. Attracting new customers and retaining them is a challenge, and here cost optimization plays an instrumental role. With this technology, companies can eliminate their several third-party dependencies and save a substantial cost in the long run. 

With crypto-based wallets, companies can perform high-speed transactions without paying heavy handling or maintenance charges to third-party vendors. Along with this, businesses can establish their custom data verification portal based on blockchain. With this implementation, they can quickly eliminate the external software they were using previously. 

Gain trust faster

For gaining a competitive edge in the market, trust plays a significant role that can drive many new customers and businesses. As compared to the traditional processes, blockchain is a highly transparent technology, making the company more comfortable. 

When the customers know about how companies are securing and processing their data using modern advancements, it boosts the trust. SevenBits helps businesses in uplifting their customers' user experience to improve the retention rate. 

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