Blockchain: Transforming Industries and Empowering Business Growth

Blockchain is among the most promising tech advancements of today's digital transformation era. With every-growing customer requirement, companies need to think in a future-forward manner to stay relevant. Regardless of organizations' industries and size, business owners need to transform their core operations to add more value to their customer's deliverables. 

With the evolution of more intricate technology solutions, it becomes overwhelming for organizations to make choices. However, blockchain is the fundamental advancement that can help companies take the lead and boost productivity. 

The Post-corona era is all about having robust automation and working with limited resources. To cope with these limitations, only technologies like blockchain can help with better digitization along with efficiency. 

If you wonder how this decentralized technology can help your business grow with higher efficiency, we have got you covered. On this note, check out how SevenBits' trending blockchain solutions can help your company thrive online. Be it automotive, eCommerce, or a corporate service B2C or B2B organization, our expert Blockchain Center of Excellence (CoE) team gets you going. 

Smart contract integrations

Smart contracts integration is among the most efficient way of managing large datasets and their validation process. Be it insurance data, customer onboarding, or maintaining internal data integrity across the partnership chain, smart contracts can help. 

These decentralized technology-based contracts help companies save resources and workforce from long-haul manual processes. Our team integrates bespoke smart contracts to help you automate internal and external data validation and secure exchange.

Be it managing a complex supply chain, maintaining healthcare records, or catering to financial challenges, these contracts are efficient. Our team analyzes your core business functioning and drafts the best-suited solution.  

With SevenBits' smart contract solutions, companies can eliminate third-party dependencies and save operations costs in the long term. This implementation also brings in higher speeds and better management among internal teams. 

Crypto wallet development

Cryptocurrencies will be mainstream soon in the future, and they will bring enormous benefits to companies doing business online. Unlike fiat currencies, these digital decentralized money formats are more comfortable, faster, secure, and anonymous. By integrating crypto wallets with existing payment systems, companies can seamlessly scale their business. 

Whether it's an eCommerce company or a B2B service organization, this financial upgradation can make existing processes even faster. With the support of multiple public and private blockchain technology platforms, SevenBits can help develop a robust & custom crypto wallet that can scale your business across nations in no time.  

With crypto wallets, the most significant benefit is peer-to-peer security along with higher transaction speeds. As the transactions are visible to all associated parties, transparency increases. 

Blockchain-based webshop development

Having a secure, fast, and reliable webshop has become instrumental for generating higher sales with digital transformation. Be it a consumer-centric shop or a B2B webshop; owners need higher efficiency to stand apart from the crowd. 

It is being said that running a business with a traditional technology stack is not enough as it can't cater to customers' all requirements. On the other side, a decentralized blockchain-based webshop is more comfortable to scale and seamless to manage across multiple touchpoints. 

From developing new stores to migrating legacy systems, our blockchain experts have your every requirement covered. A blockchain-powered webshop helps to gain trust faster as the transparency factor increases among buyers.  

Avail robust blockchain trends with Seven Bits

Implement blockchain with your existing business processes and make them future-proof and highly-secure. This decentralized technology can help you upgrading various aspects of your business and help you gain more customer traction. 

With an impeccable growth of digital trends on the Internet, customers become smarter and conservative in their choices. To onboard new customers and retain existing ones, organizations need to upgrade how they are serving them. 

SevenBits is an innovative and transforming blockchain development company that caters to all your requirements. With the support of multiple public and private blockchain development technologies, we assure performance-driven solutions. 

In 2021 and beyond, doing business will be different and digital transformation will play a vital role in sheer growth. To ease the growth process, SevenBits accelerates the modern technology integration turnaround time. 

Want to get started with result-driven blockchain implementations for your business? Get in touch with us at to explore exponential opportunities. SevenBits' Blockchain Center of Excellence team would be happier to guide you through.