Automotive: Revolutionizing Automotive Industry: Blockchain Innovations

The automotive industry is on the verge of vast expansion and growth. With the implementation of digital advancements in the automotive industry, small and big companies are spreading their reach all over the map. Blockchain, the trending technology that offers decentralization, is now considered by the automotive industry and parts manufacturers. It provides automotive companies an easy way to upgrade the security of their entire ecosystem and touchpoints. 

Blockchain is a catalyst for the automotive industry.

Blockchain can be understood as a list of ordered records called blocks. It is a distributed database in which storage devices are not connected to a standard processor. Each block has a timestamp and a link to a previous block, and users can easily edit parts of the blockchain, and with cryptography, all the copies are kept in sync.

Blockchains are highly secure databases that are excellent in recording things like medical records, financial transactions, identity records, etc. Blockchain has succeeded in removing the middleman from trade and transaction processing, offering a highly secure and integrated platform to the companies.

Here are how SevenBits’ blockchain services can help automotive companies keep their data safe and secure.

Secure Payments

Automotive and parts companies need to deal with several business partners and suppliers to run their business. With such a complex and omnichannel business system, payment systems need to be streamlined. Blockchain can help automotive companies eliminate their dependencies over third-party payment channels. 

With dedicated wallets, companies can send and receive payments across the globe without paying additional transaction charges. Our team helps develop a bespoke decentralized payment system for your company to save more money today and in the upcoming time. 

Supply Chain Management

The supply chain is an integral business vertical for parts companies to serve their customers better. With blockchain, companies can track, manage, and update their supply chain jobs without any human error. Be it verifying the new inventory or executing a new procurement assignment; blockchain makes the management seamless and real-time.  

As all associated parties in the supply chain can track the progress, the complete process becomes more transparent and trust-driven. SevenBits can help you migrate your older supply chain solution to a modern and secure blockchain-powered system to make your company future-ready. 


Higher Safety of Data 

Blockchain-based smart contracts give an additional layer of security to your existing data management system. With bespoke smart contracts, automotive and parts companies can easily create, update, share, and validate business-sensitive documents without any error caused due to human mismanagement. 

Besides sharing essential business data, it makes the entire data management much more comfortable than the traditional centralized document system. The safety of documents like auto insurance, ownership transfer, registration renewal, and more is enhanced using smart contracts. 

Why Seven Bits for automotive blockchain services

SevenBits is an experienced and innovative blockchain development company, and we have been offering robust services for years. With the support of multiple public and private blockchain technologies, we implement complex solutions to simplify your business. Be it building a custom blockchain-based database to integrating payment systems, and smart contracts, we have got you covered. Want to know more about our future-focused blockchain development services? Get in touch with us at, and we will be happier to walk you through with business growth opportunities.