E-Commerce: Enhancing Performance and Growth with Seven Bits

With the rapid digitization and a global online paradigm shift, B2B businesses are also transforming along with B2C. As companies or moreover entire industries are coming online to strengthen their business models, it has become pivotal to improve the online strategy and scale the business leveraging a more robust e-commerce platform. 

If you are also into a B2B business and runs an online shop, nopCommerce brings in the most versatile advancements to cater to your every requirement. This open-source platform is capable of delivering a cutting edge performance along with superior customer experience. We at SevenBits offer bespoke nopCommerce services for B2B to make sure you thrive online and grow your business effortlessly. 

nopCommerce is different from other e-commerce management systems in a multi-dimensional manner. The flexibility, customization, and ease of management are hard to find in other platforms. Regardless of whether your business is networked within a local area or you are dealing internationally, nopCommerce delivers seamless performance.

Ready to use multi-vendor functionality

Business to business dealing is a lot more complicated and detail-oriented as compared to a B2C domain. To make the complex business chain easier, nopCommerce supports the multi-vendor feature. You can connect new suppliers to your store and grow your network in the market place in a hassle-free manner. Its in-built multi-vendor functionality lets you manage a vast customer database and product inventory in just a few clicks. 

For businesses like the supply chain, which involves multiple third parties, nopCommerce comes with in-built smart features to give you more power. From the admin panel, managing user roles and permissions becomes more manageable with this open-source platform. And, that's not all; you can get all the critical business-sensitive reports, including review sales reports, active vendor details, or order details, in no time.

Better control for B2B management

Managing a B2B online business has its own complexities and several potential risks associated with business data privacy. To streamline this complex challenge, nopCommerce fits the best as it gives you better control. 

nopCommerce lets you designate various roles for your partners and prepare custom terms for each role. With the access control list feature, you can limit or admit users' access to specific sections of your digital shop based on their positions. With nopCommerce, it becomes easier to set up dynamic prices, available payment status reports, and shipping methods for each group of the partner. And the good thing is, you can manage everything from a single dashboard. Even if you are managing both business partners and customers, you can keep a better track of records on the go. 

ERP and CRM integrations

With an ever-growing B2B business, your digital platforms need to be ready for future integrations as you can serve your customers better. Be it migrating from a legacy system or integrating a third-party enterprise resource planning software, nopCommerce lets you do it efficiently. 

We at Sevenbits helps you get started with nopCommerce by migrating your entire system from the older platform. Our team ensures rapid migration with higher risk mitigation to ensure you can scale your business with a faster turnaround. 

You can integrate nopCommerce with any business system that your company plans to adopt in the future. As this platform comes with a built-in mobile version, your entire business partner chain can control the business in real-time with convenience.

Complex business customizations

No two businesses are the same, and that's why nopCommerce offers a variety of options that caters to your business in a bespoke manner. For each business owner associated with your organization, you can define whether they should be tax-exempt or they fall under a different category. Such features help your team to manage the finances faster and in an error-free manner. 

Along with this, you can also set up how the new businesses should register in your digital store by allowing registration after manual permission or email verification from the store administrator. Such features help in following the pre-set business processes with ease. With this platform, it is also possible that you can show product details and pricing lists for registered customers only. Such exclusive features help in establishing trust among the business partnership chain.

Get started with nopCommerce

Be it business to business or business to customers, this open-source and optimized platform is the right pick to scale up and expand business by mitigating the risks. As this e-commerce store by default comes with multi-lingual support, you can easily present your products to potential business partners and grow your brand in other countries as well.

The features are endless, and the opportunities to grow with SevenBits are enormous. Our team helps you understand how this platform can help you grow your B2B business in this era of digital transformation. Get in touch with our team at sales@sevenbits.in to explore future-focused growth opportunities.

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