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Hex Trust Announces Integration of Polkadot Blockchain Network

Hong Kong-based digital custody provider Hex Trust has announced its plans to integrate the Polkadot blockchain network. Hex Trust provides custody services for digital assets such as cryptocurrencies, utility tokens, and security tokens. In addition, the company has a strategic partnership with BitGo, a digital asset custodian.

Hex Trust's integration of Polkadot will allow its clients to store their DOT tokens securely. The company is eager to launch the custody service for DOT tokens as soon as possible.

Head of Custody, Giorgia Pellizzari, said — "We're excited to have integrated Polkadot and open up the endless possibilities their emerging ecosystem is enabling. Within Hex Safe, we endeavor for our clients to seamlessly hold and have the ability to trade leading tokens such as Polkadot in our multichain and highly secure custody platform."

Polkadot is a popular blockchain network that is gaining traction in the cryptocurrency space. The network is designed to provide scalability and interoperability solutions for blockchain networks.

The integration of Polkadot by Hex Trust will allow its clients to store DOT tokens securely. This is a positive development for the Polkadot community as it will help increase the network's adoption.

Binance Extends Zero-Fee Bitcoin Trading Globally

Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, has announced that it will extend its zero-fee Bitcoin (BTC) trading promotion globally. The promotion was initially launched in selected countries such as the United States, Singapore, and Taiwan. The promotion will be rolled out to all Binance customers from the 8th of July. These Binance offers are valid till further official notice, and it's an exciting development for all BTC traders.

Binance CEO said — "We are excited to extend our Zero-Fee Bitcoin promotion globally. This is a small but significant way to help drive the adoption and accessibility of Bitcoin. As the leading cryptocurrency exchange, we want to do our part to make it easy for everyone to buy Bitcoin."

The promotion is a positive move by Binance to increase the adoption of Bitcoin. The fact that the promotion is being extended to all Binance customers clearly indicates that the exchange is committed to driving the adoption of Bitcoin.

EX TikTok CEO Launches Blockchain Gaming Startup, Meta0

Meta0, a blockchain gaming startup, has been launched by Jason Fung, the former CEO of TikTok. Meta0 is a next-generation platform intended to improve the overall ecosystem of game creators and channel partners.

This gaming project will improve the existing blockchain protocols' interoperability and allow easy access to the gaming community. Furthermore, Meta0 will also help to create a more efficient and secure system for game developers.

Jason Fung said — "The Meta0 team is excited to launch our next-generation gaming platform that intends to improve the overall ecosystem of game creators and channel partners."

Moreover, this new blockchain startup will streamline the existing NFT (non-fungible token) market and help create a more efficient and secure system for game developers. This is a positive development for the blockchain gaming industry.

Jason Fung will take care of the funding and investments for this project. Moreover, Meta0 will offer higher flexibility and security to game developers. The team behind this project has significant experience in the gaming industry. This is a positive development for the blockchain gaming industry.

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