As companies are moving towards digital transformation, the complexities of managing and automating processes are also taking a toll. With an ever-evolving paradigm shift, the need for a robust automation technological framework is on the verge.

However, there are numerous technologies available that sports AI and automation, but only a few are efficient. Sevenbits is an innovative digital transformation company and we have served hundreds of customers overseas solving their complex automation problems through OpenCV and Python framework. On this note, we will deep dive and check out how these amazingly efficient platforms can help in automating your business operations.

Robust Biometric Processing

The core of OpenCV or open-source computer vision lies in delivering excellent image and vision recognition part of the artificial intelligence work ground. Sevenbits leverages these modern platforms to integrate high-grade biometrics functionality to manage your security operations in an efficient way. 

OpenCV is capable of performing iris, fingerprint, face recognition in the most secure way and it eliminates any kind of redundancy involved in the existing database. This helps in managing large-scale organization data faster and gives you access to real-time information when the data is integrated with distributed cloud architecture.

Process Automation

OpenCV is a capable open-source platform that supports technologies like ML, FLANN that helps in automating the company's manual processes. Sevenbits utilizes OpenCV in identifying time-consuming and redundant processes and automate it with higher accuracy and less human intervention. 

By using these technologies, our team helps automate your logistics and supply chain operations to help the business operate on maximum capability. Be it package and barcode label reading or defect detection and object sorting, our team analyzes your core business processes and helps in automating them with greater risk mitigation.

Vision-guided Medical Application

Leveraging OpenCV with Python, our team helps in establishing accurate medical application that leads to faster treatment. We integrate advanced features like lesion or cell classification to 2D/3D segmentation, 3D organ reconstruction, and AI-based vision-guided robotics surgery to implement better surgical instrumentation. 

We utilize these platforms to develop custom medical image recognition platforms that reduce the original time needed for processing an image through other technology. The applications and capabilities of these technological advancements are vivid and highly customization, especially in the medical domain.

Industrial Automation

This open-source computer vision technology is capable of implementing advanced transformation functionalities in existing industrial applications. Through this, Sevenbits can automate the most complex industry application with higher resource optimization. 

Be it logistics localization, obstacle avoidance, automated assembly, document understanding, or real-time positioning, we develop custom applications for industries to increase operations and the team's efficiency to complete more jobs in less time.

Transportation Optimization

Through AL and ML-based frameworks, Sevenbits helps logistics and supply chain businesses in managing their fleet organization with greater control. We develop custom autonomous vehicle tracking and managing applications that help in real-time tracking with enhanced accuracy. 

We integrate advanced features like driver vigilance monitoring, real-time location tracking, automated maintenance reminder to help you to operate the logistics and supply chain in an optimized way. Our team identifies the most important processes of your business and automate it to optimize both resources and expenses.

As this framework comes with a large set of functional libraries, performing top-notch customization becomes more accessible. Regardless of industries, OvenCV brings in excellent automation capabilities that help in managing the complex business tasks with higher accuracy and efficiency.