Blockchain: Transforming Industries and Empowering Business Growth

Blockchain is bringing a transforming paradigm shift across industries. Regardless of the company's size and domain, this decentralized technology is helping business owners move toward digital transformation. Be it improving security or uplifting customer experience; blockchain is a reliable advancement. 

With ongoing demands and continuous digitization, this technology is also getting more performance-driven, accessible, and scalable. There are several ways businesses can leverage this disruptive technology to grow their profitability and scale operations seamlessly. 

On this note, let's explore how companies from across multiple industries can grow their business and onboard new customers with SevenBits' bespoke blockchain solutions.

1. Smart contracts integration

A smart contract is the most transforming application of this distributed ledger framework. With these smart contracts, businesses can streamline their data auditing process and save significant time and capital by waiving manual work. These are self-executing and validating contracts where two or more parties agree on standard validation terms and policies. 

These terms and conditions are present in the form of code, and these contracts are immutable. This property of smart contracts makes them a safer and reliable option for performing data communication across the business ecosystem. SevenBits is a pioneer in developing bespoke smart contracts for your business to streamline time-consuming manual iterative tasks. 

2. Ease of payment

Blockchain is the future of digital payments, and we will see a massive shift in the traditional payment system in the upcoming time. As the world moves towards digital transformation, companies have an enormous opportunity to grow their business with blockchain-based payment systems.

Using blockchain-based cryptocurrency wallets, customers across the world can send and receive payments from a company. This ease of financial transaction, which is cheaper, faster, and reliable, will help companies take an edge over the competitors. 

We at SevenBits bring in a comprehensive cryptocurrency wallet and cryptocurrency exchange development services. Be it integrating crypto wallets to an existing system or migrating the older payment procedure; we have you covered. 

3. Better supply chain management

Blockchain technology is enabling SMEs to streamline their supply chain and manage it in an automated way. From tracking shipments to communicating with remote ground staff, the faster-decentralized network lets business owners maintain their complex supply chain with ease. 

Also, companies can maintain higher transparency among all vendors, partners, and procurement agencies. This technology will help in fighting counterfeiting activities and track delays in product deliveries in an automated way. SevenBits enables you to transform the traditional supply chain into a modern advancement to grow your business. With our solutions, we ensure you can quickly scale up your operations and increase profitability. 

4. Faster hiring process

Blockchain is creating a win-win situation for companies and candidates for a seamless hiring process. On one side, companies can automate some aspects of bulk hiring. On the other side, candidates can perform the document verification process in a shorter turnaround time. 

With advancements like smart contracts and NFTs, it's easier to cut down the fake certificates and documents circulation. This robust facility will make the hiring process more efficient, reliable, and faster. SevenBits can help businesses build a custom blockchain-based hiring dashboard to automate their hiring process and save substantial time and capital.  

5. Improved security

In 2021 and beyond, security has become a top priority of companies regardless of their industry. With increasing cyber crimes and data breaches, business owners need to have an improved solution. Be it securing all communication touchpoints or making the internal process intact; blockchain can help.

As blockchain works in a peer-to-peer fashion, it's nearly impossible to bypass the system and forge data. Even the authorized members of the ecosystem can't make changes in other's data blocks. This framework delivers the best when it comes to groundbreaking security. Our Blockchain Center of Excellence (CoE) team understands your business and prepares a bespoke blueprint to implement additional security solutions. 

6. Enhanced customer experience

Blockchain technology can improve customer experience in multiple ways. It makes customer interaction seamless and interruption-free without empowering any complex solution. As blockchain offers greater transparency and secures customers' data with ease, it let companies gain trust faster.

Along with this, as customers can perform transactions or share data with shorter lead times, it saves a lot of time in every interaction. With these end-to-end benefits, companies can target a wider audience and offer a personalized experience. 

7. Robust retail expansion

In the upcoming time, the eCommerce industry will see a more expansive surge due to high demand. As more individuals are coming online to shop, eCommerce owners can grow their businesses quickly using blockchain.  

From seamless payment integrations to automated data management and real-time inventory and warehouse management — blockchain solutions can scale business seamlessly. SevenBits helps your business expand online operations using bespoke blockchain implementations. It will allow companies to take an edge over others and make more sales. 

It is the right time to adopt this decentralized technology and thrive online on its applications. SevenBits leverages more than eight public and private blockchain frameworks to deliver custom business solutions. Prepare your business for the upcoming digital disruption with this decentralized technology and serve customers better. Get in touch with us at to explore more opportunities to expand your company.

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