Tipp Bucket, a groundbreaking software platform, was meticulously crafted to cater to the fervent fan base of live entertainment. Its primary goal was to provide enthusiasts with a personalized space to discover and follow their preferred forms of entertainment and beloved artists. Moreover, it aimed to facilitate a direct connection between entertainers and their admirers, allowing fans to express their appreciation through the innovative $TIPP contribution system.

Beyond the conventional, Tipp Bucket boasts an intuitive Admin Panel. This panel not only efficiently manages categories, genres, and artists but extends its capabilities to overseeing subscriptions, content, and guest interactions. Additionally, it skillfully navigates the intricacies of App Store and Play Store management.


Bugs: A multitude of critical software bugs significantly impacted user experience.

Structural Flaws: Urgent correction was needed to address structural flaws that hindered the platform's optimal functionality.

Engagement: A lack of user engagement and artist registrations posed additional challenges.

Services Provided:

Flutter App (Artist):

Empowerment: Artists leveraging Tipp Bucket are provided with a dynamic platform offering direct access to their potential fan base.

Registration Process: Artists undergo a streamlined registration process. This involves selecting a subscription plan, inputting payment details for income and expense tracking, and sharing pertinent background information with the platform users.

Artist Control: Once registered, artists gain the ability to manage upcoming events, share exclusive content such as videos and pictures, and allow fans to showcase their support through TIPPs (monetary contributions), accompanied by a rating and review system.

User Experience:

Versatility: Tipp Bucket users find themselves immersed in a diverse array of live entertainment options, ranging from singers and musicians to comedians, trivia hosts, karaoke, and music DJs.

Enhanced Search: The platform enhances user experience through innovative search functionalities, utilizing both map-based and descriptive criteria to locate specific performers or performances.

Seamless Transactions: Facilitating a seamless user experience, Tipp Bucket enables fans to express their support through monetary contributions (TIPPs), ratings, and reviews.

Strategic Approach


Platform Success: Today, Tipp Bucket stands proudly on both the Play Store and App Store, serving as a testament to the collective dedication and perseverance of the team at Seven Bits Technologies.

Success Story: Tipp Bucket has evolved into a compelling success story, illustrating how dedication, collaboration, and a client-focused approach can transform a struggling app into a thriving platform.

Future Commitment: As Seven Bits Technologies moves forward, the commitment to refining and enhancing the Tipp Bucket platform remains unwavering. The goal is to ensure continued success and provide unparalleled experiences for fans and entertainers alike.

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