SpaceStake DAO is an innovative decentralized reserve currency platform operating on the Binance Smart Chain. Unlike traditional stablecoins such as DAI or USDC, which are typically pegged to the U.S. dollar's value, the reserves comprise a carefully selected portfolio of cryptocurrency assets held securely within the Treasury. This unique approach sets SpaceStake DAO apart from the conventional stablecoin models.


SpaceStake DAO faced a multifaceted challenge that encompassed both technological and strategic aspects:

Algorithmic Stability:

Developing an algorithmic, free-floating stable asset presented a complex technical puzzle. Achieving and maintaining stability in a volatile crypto market required meticulous planning and execution.

Diversified Asset Management:

Curating a basket of assets (e.g., DAI, FRAX, LP tokens) to back the SPST tokens was a challenging process. The challenge lay not only in selecting the right mix of assets but also in efficiently managing and rebalancing them to ensure the stable value of the tokens.

User Accessibility:

A fundamental goal was to make the platform accessible to a broader user base. This required addressing the intricacies of blockchain technology, often seen as a barrier to entry for newcomers. The challenge was to simplify the user experience without compromising on the platform's robustness and security.

Token Bonding:

Implementing a bonding mechanism presented complexities related to pricing, terms, and vesting periods. Ensuring that token bonding operated smoothly and transparently was paramount.

User Incentives:

To encourage staking and bonding, user incentives had to be established. Defining a reward system that aligned with the platform's long-term goals while attracting users was a challenge.

Market Volatility:

The crypto market's inherent volatility introduced uncertainty. SpaceStake DAO had to develop mechanisms to withstand market fluctuations and maintain the stability of the SPST tokens.

Monetary Policy:

Implementing a flexible monetary policy was challenging, as it had to adapt to varying market conditions while ensuring that the platform's long-term goals remained intact.

Solutions Provided

To address the complex challenges posed by SpaceStake DAO's vision, Seven Bits Technologies leveraged its expertise in DeFi development and Blockchain Technology. The solutions provided were meticulously designed to meet the project's technical, strategic, and user-centric requirements.

Algorithmic Stability Mechanism:

Implementation of an algorithmic stability mechanism to ensure the SPST tokens' stability. This mechanism continuously monitors market conditions and autonomously adjusts the token's value to maintain its stability. Smart contracts were designed to manage supply and demand dynamically.

Asset Management and Rebalancing:

To manage the diversified basket of assets effectively, the development team created a robust asset management system. This system automated the rebalancing of assets within the basket to maintain the token's intrinsic value. It considered factors like market performance, liquidity, and collateralization.

User-Friendly Interface:

A user-friendly interface was developed to simplify the onboarding process. This made the platform accessible to users regardless of their level of experience with blockchain technology. It included intuitive dashboards, guides, and educational resources.

Token Bonding Mechanism:

The bonding mechanism was designed to facilitate secondary value accrual for the platform. It allowed users to bond their tokens in exchange for reserve assets at a discount. Seven Bits Technologies created transparent and automated processes for bonding, defining clear terms, including bond price, the number of tokens entitled, and vesting periods.

Staking Rewards:

The staking mechanism encouraged users to stake their tokens on the platform. Users earned rebate rewards, with the proceeds from bond sales forming the reward pool. A variable reward rate, governed by the platform's monetary policy, ensured that stakers were incentivized appropriately.

Market Volatility Mitigation:

To counteract market volatility, the platform employed a combination of algorithmic mechanisms and intelligent rebalancing. These measures maintained the stability of SPST tokens even in the face of market fluctuations.

Flexible Monetary Policy:

The development team implemented a flexible monetary policy that could adapt to changing market conditions. It was designed to ensure the stability of the platform while addressing the long-term goals of SpaceStake DAO.

Results and Impact

The collaborative efforts between SpaceStake DAO and Seven Bits Technologies resulted in significant achievements and a considerable impact:

Stable Asset Creation:

The development of a diversified asset pool provided SPST tokens with resilience against market volatility, ensuring they maintained their intrinsic value.

Enhanced Accessibility:

The user-friendly Dapp and user-centric interface improved platform accessibility, encouraging a surge in user adoption. Newcomers to the DeFi space and individuals in developing regions found it easier to participate, promoting financial inclusion.


Seven Bits Technologies, a trusted partner in this journey, remains dedicated to advancing DeFi solutions and contributing to the reshaping of decentralized finance's future. The collaboration between SpaceStake DAO and Seven Bits Technologies has set a new standard for innovation and inclusivity in the blockchain space. Beyond addressing the technical challenge of creating a stable, algorithmic reserve currency, the collaboration focused on enhancing the platform's accessibility and inclusivity.

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