Company Overview

CurrenSwap is a groundbreaking decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. This innovative platform empowers both liquidity providers and traders to engage in a fully decentralized financial marketplace. It effectively addresses the challenges associated with storing and transferring assets within the constraints and costs of traditional centralized banking systems. With the Ethereum blockchain as its backbone, CurrenSwap offers a swift, transparent, and secure alternative to conventional financial institutions, accomplishing everything a traditional bank can do, but better.


CurrenSwap approached Seven Bits Technologies with a vision to create a wide range of private DeFi platforms. These platforms would serve as secure mediums for crypto-asset transactions, supporting multiple cryptocurrencies. The challenges were as follows:

Challenges faced by CurrenSwap

Solutions Provided

To overcome these challenges and build an innovative, efficient, and secure decentralized exchange platform, The solutions provided were as follows:

Peer-to-Peer Smart Contract Trade:

To enhance transparency and streamline peer-to-peer trading, we implemented smart contracts that enable users to trade without intermediaries. This approach simplifies the trading process, making it more transparent and efficient.

Automated Market Makers for Liquidity:

To ensure robust liquidity on the exchange, we integrated automated market makers (AMMs) that automatically execute trades using liquidity pools. These AMMs act as intermediaries, substituting buyers and sellers, and thus maintain liquidity. This feature allows for smoother and faster trading.

Market-Leading Features and Institutional-Grade Security:

Our solution focused on achieving bank-grade security for the decentralized exchange. We fortified the platform with industry-leading security features to create a safe ecosystem for trading. This involved implementing advanced security measures and practices to protect sensitive user data and assets.

Results and Impact

The collaboration has yielded remarkable results and had a significant impact on the cryptocurrency exchange landscape:

Transparency and Trust:

The implementation of smart contracts and the removal of intermediaries significantly increased transparency, fostering trust among users. Users can now verify transactions with ease.

Efficient Peer-to-Peer Trading:

Peer-to-peer trading has become more efficient and user-friendly. The removal of intermediaries streamlined transactions, making them faster and more cost-effective.

Sustained Liquidity:

The integration of automated market makers successfully addressed liquidity concerns, ensuring a dynamic and attractive trading environment.

Bank-Grade Security:

With the implementation of advanced security features, CurrenSwap now offers an exceptionally secure ecosystem for cryptocurrency trading. Users' assets and data are well-protected, bolstering confidence and trust in the platform.


The collaboration between Seven Bits Technologies and CurrenSwap resulted in a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform setting new standards for trust, efficiency, and security in the crypto industry. Explore more success stories and innovative solutions powered by Blockchain Technology on our Blogs.

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