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NUMI3, a pioneering platform, has redefined cryptocurrency transactions. It allows users to make payments using their crypto assets and rewards them with NUMI tokens, which can be converted and redeemed in their crypto wallets. With a commitment to streamlining the payment process and delivering an accessible, low-cost, mobile payment platform on a global scale, NUMI3 has disrupted the traditional payment landscape.

Numi3 Crypto Reward Platform


1. Creating a Seamless Payment Ecosystem:

Creating a seamless payment ecosystem was one of the primary objectives for NUMI3 in collaboration with Seven Bits Technologies. The challenges were addressed through several key initiatives:

  • Multi-Method Payments:

NUMI3 now enables users to make payments using their preferred methods, including popular cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. This flexibility ensures that users can engage with the platform using the assets they are most comfortable with.

  • Efficient Reward Receipt:

A user-friendly feature has been implemented to ensure that rewards are received with ease. This is achieved through unique QR codes generated after successful purchases. These QR codes facilitate the frictionless and secure receipt of rewards into the user's virtual wallet.

  • Crypto Wallet Management:

Users can now seamlessly manage their crypto wallets directly within the platform. This is especially critical for users as it allows them to easily add, edit, or remove crypto wallets. This, in turn, facilitates the straightforward redemption of rewards into their respective wallets.

  • Participation in Giveaways:

NUMI3 has introduced a feature that empowers users to participate in Giveaways organized by businesses. This gives users the opportunity to earn more NUMI Tokens as rewards, further enhancing their engagement and the overall appeal of the platform.

  • Referral Program:

To encourage users to share the app with their network, NUMI3 has introduced a referral system. This system rewards users with NUMI Tokens when they successfully refer the app to friends and family through social media channels. This approach not only drives user growth but also leverages organic marketing efforts.

  • Simplified KYC Procedures:

NUMI3 recognized the need for a swift and efficient KYC process to ensure secure user authentication. This process is vital for gaining access to all platform features. By simplifying the KYC procedures, users can quickly and confidently complete this necessary step, enabling them to explore the full spectrum of platform functionalities.

2. Streamlining the User Experience:

The user experience is a focal point for NUMI3's strategy in collaboration with us. Here's how the user experience has been enhanced:

  • Comprehensive KYC Requirement:

To ensure that users can access all the features available on the platform, NUMI3 has made KYC a prerequisite. This comprehensive KYC process not only meets compliance requirements but also assures users of a secure and trustworthy environment for their transactions and activities.

  • Simplified Reward Processes:

NUMI3 has taken significant steps to simplify the steps required for earning and redeeming rewards. This includes a user-friendly interface and clear instructions, reducing the complexity and making the process accessible and enjoyable for users.

  • Secure Transaction Methods: 

The platform has introduced secure and user-friendly transaction methods to prevent errors and complications. The emphasis is on providing a smooth and reliable transaction experience, enhancing user trust and confidence in the platform.

  • Quick Access to Giveaways:

NUMI3 understands the importance of easy access to ongoing Giveaway events. Users can now swiftly find information about these events, maximizing the rewards they can earn. This simplifies the process of participating in Giveaways and ensures that users are always informed about these opportunities.

Solutions Provided:

In response to these challenges, NUMI3 engaged in a collaborative partnership with us to develop and implement a set of innovative solutions, which significantly improved the user experience and addressed the specific needs and objectives of the platform:

  • Streamlined Payment Process:

To create a seamless payment ecosystem, NUMI3 introduced a revolutionary one-tap payment method. This innovation allows users to make payments using their preferred methods, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and more, with unparalleled ease. By simplifying the payment process, NUMI3 aimed to maximize the number of transactions on the platform, offering users a hassle-free and efficient payment experience.

  • Rewards Integration:

NUMI3 understands the significance of rewarding users for their engagement and transactions. To this end, the platform introduced a robust rewards system. Users can now earn crypto rewards based on their purchase amounts, enriching their overall experience. Furthermore, NUMI3 has streamlined the process of redeeming these rewards into users' crypto wallets, offering transparency and trust that builds a stronger connection between the platform and its users.

  • Crypto Wallet Flexibility:

To empower users with more control over their crypto assets, We implemented a feature that allows them to add, edit, and remove crypto wallets as needed. This flexibility provides a secure and efficient means of receiving rewards and managing their crypto assets. Users can rest assured that their assets are stored and managed according to their preferences.

  • Referral Program:

NUMI3 recognizes the value of word-of-mouth and user referrals. To harness this potential, the platform introduced a user-friendly referral module. This initiative enables users to effortlessly share the app with friends and family through social media platforms. In return for their efforts, users receive enticing crypto rewards. By implementing this referral program, NUMI3 aims to expand its user base and create a vibrant, engaged community of users who benefit from this mutual exchange of value.

Through these solutions, NUMI3 has made significant strides in creating an inclusive, transparent, and user-centric platform. It not only addresses the initial challenges but also positions itself as a trailblazer in the fintech and cryptocurrency payment industry, making it a compelling choice for users looking for simplicity, efficiency, and rewards in their financial transactions.

Results and Impact:

  • Enhanced User Experience and Increased Transactions:

The implementation of a one-tap payment method has significantly enhanced the user experience. With a simplified payment process that accommodates various crypto assets, users can now make payments with ease. This frictionless payment experience has led to a notable increase in the number of transactions on the NUMI3 platform. Users are more inclined to engage in transactions, thanks to the platform's user-friendly and efficient payment process.

  • Building Trust with Transparent Rewards:

The introduction of a transparent "Get Rewards" feature has been instrumental in building trust with users. By providing a clear and understandable rewards system, users feel more confident and satisfied with the platform. This transparency reassures them that they are being duly rewarded for their transactions, creating a positive and trustworthy relationship between the platform and its users.

  • Streamlined Reward Withdrawal Process:

The integrated reward withdrawal feature has not only simplified the process but also reduced the reliance on third-party platforms for such transactions. Users can now manage their rewards directly through the NUMI3 platform. This streamlined approach not only enhances the user journey but also bolsters the platform's self-sufficiency and autonomy in catering to user needs.

  • Boosted Marketing Efforts with Referral Program:

The "Refer and Earn" module has proven to be a successful addition to NUMI3's marketing efforts. Users are actively engaging with this referral program, sharing the app with friends and family through various social media platforms. This initiative has led to an expansion of the user base, as well as the creation of a dynamic community of users who benefit from these referral rewards. It's not only a testament to the platform's appeal but also an effective method for organic growth.

  • Secure and Authenticated User Access:

The hassle-free KYC process has played a crucial role in ensuring secure and authenticated access to all platform features. Users can confidently perform KYC processes, knowing that their data and accounts are safeguarded. This security measure provides peace of mind and enables users to explore and utilize the platform's full range of features without concerns about authentication.


NUMI3, in collaboration with Seven Bits Technologies, has not only met its objectives and goals but has exceeded them. By focusing on user needs and providing innovative solutions, the platform has created an ecosystem where cryptocurrency transactions are simplified, rewarding, and secure. NUMI3 continues to redefine cryptocurrency transactions and empower users to make the most of their digital assets.

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