In the fast-evolving realm of blockchain and cryptocurrency, digital asset security is paramount. Liminal Wallet, a digital asset wallet and custody infrastructure designed for Web3 institutions, sought to enhance security and seamlessly integrate with multiple blockchains.

This case study explores the partnership between Liminal Wallet and Seven Bits Technologies, focusing on bolstering security and multi-chain integration. Together, we transformed Liminal Wallet into a leading solution that exceeds the expectations of Web3 institutions, elevating digital asset management to new heights.

Scope and Core Functionalities

The collaboration aimed to expand the scope and core functionalities of Liminal Wallet, positioning it as an industry-leading solution for Web3 institutions. The project encompassed several key areas:

Integration for MPC-Based Wallets:

The project involved seamlessly integrating Multi-Party Computation (MPC) wallets into Liminal Wallet's infrastructure aimed to enhance the security measures, making it more resilient against potential threats in the rapidly evolving digital asset landscape.

Comprehensive Transaction Management for Algorand:

Development of a robust transaction management system tailored specifically for the Algorand blockchain to handle various types of wallets within the Algorand ecosystem. This included facilitating transaction flows for different wallet categories, such as single signature hot wallets, deposit wallets, and even cold mobile-based wallets.

Ethereum Multisignature (Multisig) Wallet Solution:

Introduction of Ethereum multi-signature (multisig) wallet solution to simplify the staking and unstaking processes within Ethereum's blockchain ecosystem.


The journey towards achieving these objectives was not without its challenges. The primary hurdles included:

Complex Transaction Signing Processes:

The intricacies of chain-based transaction signing processes presented significant challenges. Ensuring that transactions were secure and efficient demanded a deep understanding of the underlying blockchain technology.

Limited Documentation:

The lack of comprehensive documentation for certain blockchain processes posed an additional challenge. This scarcity of readily available resources required the team to seek alternative solutions.


To overcome these challenges, Seven Bits Technologies adopted a multifaceted approach:

Dedicated Research:

The team embarked on dedicated research efforts to gain a profound understanding of the transaction signing processes for various blockchains. This involved delving into the intricacies of blockchain technology to ensure secure and efficient transaction management.

Direct Engagement:

The team proactively engaged with blockchain experts to address the issue of limited documentation. This direct communication allowed them to tap into expert knowledge, resolve issues, and gain insights into the nuances of blockchain integration.

Online Communities:

Leveraging online platforms such as Discord and Stack Overflow, the team connected with a broader community of blockchain enthusiasts and experts. These interactions proved invaluable in finding solutions to specific challenges.

Impact and Results

Seven Bits Technologies played a pivotal role in advancing and expanding the features of Liminal Wallet's digital asset management platform. Here's a breakdown of our significant contributions:

Integration of MPC-Based Wallets:

We seamlessly incorporated Multi-Party Computation (MPC) wallets into Liminal Wallet's infrastructure. This integration brought a higher level of security to the platform, bolstering its defenses against potential security threats. MPC wallets are known for their robust security mechanisms, making them an ideal addition to Liminal Wallet's offerings.

Comprehensive Transaction Management for Algorand:

Our team worked diligently to create a robust transaction management system designed specifically for the Algorand blockchain. This system facilitated smooth and secure transaction processes for various wallet types. These included single-signature hot wallets, deposit wallets, and even cold mobile-based wallets. This comprehensive transaction management system enhanced the overall functionality and user experience of Liminal Wallet.

Introduction of Ethereum Multisignature (Multisig) Wallet Solution:

To expand the Platform's capabilities and provide users with more options, we introduced an Ethereum multi-signature (multisig) wallet solution. This addition streamlined the staking and unstaking processes within the Ethereum ecosystem. Multisig wallets offer an added layer of security and control, making them a valuable asset for Liminal Wallet's users.


Seven Bits Technologies takes immense pride in its partnership with Liminal Wallet. Our joint efforts have not only enriched the digital asset wallet and custody infrastructure but have also contributed to the evolution of secure and efficient asset management within the Web3 landscape. This case study underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering innovative solutions in the blockchain and cryptocurrency domain. We stand ready to tackle future challenges and drive further advancements in this dynamic industry.

As we look to the future, Seven Bits Technologies remains committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of blockchain and emerging technologies. Our journey continues, and we eagerly anticipate new opportunities to innovate, collaborate, and create lasting value for our clients and their communities. 

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