Company Overview:

Coinapy Finance is a DeFi protocol that specializes in offering a wide array of on-chain Structured Products, launched as Vaults. These Vaults give users access to three crucial investment categories: Yield Enhancement, Principal Protection, and Leverage Participation. Coinapy Finance's mission is to enhance the risk-return profile of its users through these innovative products.

Problem Statement:

Coinapy Finance embarked on a mission to revolutionize the DeFi sector by developing a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform. Their key challenges included establishing a strong market presence and creating liquidity, which is fundamental for any DeFi project's success. This is where Seven Bits Technologies entered the scene as a valuable partner.


DEX Development: Creating a user-friendly and efficient DEX on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) was a significant challenge, as it required expertise in blockchain technology and a seamless user experience.

Liquidity Generation: Generating and maintaining liquidity on the platform was essential but challenging, as it involved attracting users and liquidity providers in a competitive DeFi landscape.

User Engagement: Encouraging users to actively participate in liquidity provision and engage with the platform requires innovative incentives and a compelling user experience.

Solution Provided:

Coinapy Finance's journey towards realizing its vision involved a collaborative effort with Seven Bits Technologies, resulting in the following key solutions:

🌐 DEX Development:

We developed a user-friendly DEX on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This DEX featured smooth asset swapping and an intuitive interface, making it accessible to users.

💰 Smart Contract for Liquidity:

We created a smart contract to facilitate liquidity provision on the DEX. This added liquidity to the platform and laid the foundation for a thriving ecosystem.

🚀 Farming Functionality:

Coinapy Finance introduced a farming mechanism to incentivize liquidity providers. Users could stake their assets, participate in liquidity provision, and earn rewards, promoting a dynamic ecosystem.

📊 Dynamic APR Calculation:

With the expertise of Seven Bits Technologies, a dynamic Annual Percentage Rate (APR) calculation was implemented to make the farming feature more attractive. This ensured that liquidity providers received rewards that accurately reflected real-time factors.

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Results and Impact:

The collaborative efforts between Coinapy Finance and Seven Bits Technologies yielded remarkable results:

Established DEX:

The creation of a DEX on the Binance Smart Chain provided Coinapy Finance with a solid foundation for their DeFi project. Users could seamlessly swap assets, enhancing their overall user experience.

Boosted Liquidity:

The introduction of the smart contract for liquidity support not only added liquidity to the platform but also contributed to the project's market appeal.

Lively Ecosystem:

The introduction of farming functionality, combined with the dynamic APR calculation, successfully attracted a growing number of liquidity providers, enhancing the liquidity pool and creating a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem within the platform.

The introduction of liquidity and farming mechanisms attracted a growing user base, enhancing the project's liquidity pool and overall success.

The DeFi ecosystem within Coinapy Finance is now dynamic and vibrant, offering users a compelling and rewarding experience.


Coinapy Finance's journey within the DeFi sector, with the collaborative support of Seven Bits Technologies, exemplifies the power of innovation and user engagement in the blockchain realm. By strategically developing a DEX, incentivizing liquidity provision, and introducing dynamic APR calculations, Coinapy Finance not only addressed its market acquisition goals but also created a thriving DeFi ecosystem.

This case study underscores the significance of well-thought-out strategies and strategic collaborations in the DeFi sector, where creativity, engagement, and expertise are pivotal to success. Coinapy Finance and Seven Bits Technologies have demonstrated that by embracing innovative approaches and delivering value to users, DeFi projects can thrive in the ever-evolving blockchain landscape, ultimately unlocking the sector's full potential.

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