Digital Wallet Infrastructure Platform


Liminal empowers customers with a robust digital asset management platform that is managed through Multi-Signature wallets and Hardware Security Modules(HSM). Our carefully curated & security-first product experience enables the customers to easily manage funds.





Product Design, Development


Website, Mobile App


Team composition

1 - Blockchain dev

2 - Front-end devs

1 - Project Manager

1 - Designer

1 - Back-end dev

Project features

Quick deployment

5-second transaction confirmation

Open and fair governance

Top security guaranteed by EchoRand

Opportunity to create innovative cutting-edge dApps

Compatibility with several languages

Support for different assets

Fully inclusive environment

High level of decentralization

Low transaction fees

Strong resistance to blockchain forks and reorganizations

Fast finality

Our challenge

The client was facing issues with handling loss of digital asset, addressing security concerns and having a firm cybersecurity system in place. The client wanted to develop a secure non-custodial wallet that high-value enterprise clients can use to manage their personal digital assets.

The main challenge was time: the collaboration started with scoping workshops in late May, while Displate needed a landing page consisting of multiple sections for the soft launch at a conference scheduled in late June.

Already for the soft launch MVP version, the landing page needed to showcase Displate as an attractive IT employer and also be visually appealing.

How We Made It Happen

Scope Management

“Together with the Displate team, we intensively managed the scope and priorities: for the first MVP version our goal was to deliver a great-looking website, but with very limited animations (only if animations could come “out of the box” from a user library) so that we would have time to design, build, and test all the site's sections on multiple devices, especially mobile,” said Wiosna Wilkomirska, Agile Lead, and Senior Agile Coach at 10Clouds.

We set clear priorities for the sections so that we could always give users a good experience, even if we didn't finish all of the sections to the quality we wanted. Several scope reductions were also agreed upon, like having the MVP version redirect to the existing job offer portal instead of making a custom section on the website.

Early start of development

During the scoping workshops, our UX designer made the first version of the wireframes so that we could start the development work as soon as possible.

This made it possible for the development team to work on the structure (scaffolding) of all pages and sections while the UX and Product Designers finished the wireframes, including the version that works on mobile devices.

We ensured close collaboration between the developers and the designers so that all changes and ideas could be quickly assessed by their impact and feasibility.

The Outcome

The MVP version of the website was presented at the June conference and got the Displate team good reviews from their target audience. Currently, the Displate team is preparing to launch the full Employer Branding campaign with the support of the full version of the website, which will allow potential candidates to understand the Displate culture, vibe, and mode of working, as well as seamlessly apply for jobs at Displate.